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Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney In South Carolina: Why You Need One!

Burriss & Ridgeway | June 25, 2014

Personal injury lawsuits are very common because injuries are very common. Personal injuries are injuries sustained because of the fault of another person. Being injured can be quite distressing, whether physical, psychological or emotional. If you ever face the misfortune of sustaining such injuries as a result of another persons negligence, you should keep in mind that you may be entitled to file a personal injury suit against the liable party and pursue compensation.

injuries x-rayIf you are dealing with personal injury due to negligence, you’re permitted to file a suit in order to fight for your rights and receive compensation. The whole process can be challenging and no matter what an insurance company may tell you, in the unfortunate event of an accident or any other legal complication that may arise from a sustained injury, one should always consider seeking legal counsel when filing an insurance claim. While it’s possible for a person to negotiate for themselves and seek compensation for damages, even the most well-read person won’t be in a position to bargain with the insurance firm the way a lawyer can. Remember, the insurance company is not on your side so you need someone in your corner that is looking out for you.

There is a lot of misunderstanding and even more than a few jokes about injury lawyers. We have all heard them. However, a personal injury attorney is simply a professional who’s devoted to the welfare of any person suffering from an injury due to negligence. You actually want an attorney who will fight for your rights; standing up for you in every way allowed by the law to make sure that you get fair treatment and the right compensation for pain, suffering and any lost income you should not have had to endure. It’s important to at least discuss your case with an attorney because each personal injury suit is unique. Your personal injury settlement will depend on your individual circumstances. Because most law firms will offer a free initial consultation and even work on a contingency, there really is no reason not to ensure you receive everything you are entitled to by hiring an experienced attorney. It’s crucial to seek legal help from a personal injury attorney, as they have the right training to professionally handle your case towards compensation.

A few examples that could lead to an injury law suit:

  • A car accident comprising one driver who fails to pay attention and rear ending another car, causing injuries.
  • A fall on the side-walk due to steps that were slippery, broken, cracked as a result of them not being properly maintained.
  • A hospital or doctor causing further pain, injuries or even death through error or mistake.
  • Construction accident involving a worker being injured because of falling debris or objects or any unsafe environment.
  • Illness or injury resulting from using defective drugs or products.

Generally the compensation from personal injury cases usually covers:

  • The pain and suffering, based in the type of injuries or illness.
  • Lost wages or income.

As well as other things you may determine to be important like:

  • A sworn testimonial by the owner or property manager; expressing that a property will be regularly maintained, to guarantee everybody’s safety.
  • A sworn testimonial from an employer to guarantee a safe working environment for their employees.

car accident injuriesIt is important to remember that most people or companies that cause injuries usually want to settle the case out of court. In such situations, a victim may be offered a low or unfair amount. The offer may sound good at the time but also know that, personal injury victim suffers physically, psychologically and emotionally. Their lives may not get back to normal even after receiving appropriate treatment or treatment may need to go on for many unforeseen years as a result of the injuries. As a result, an attorney will gather important information that will enable them to present a strong enough claim before a court of law to make sure that they receive fair and rightful compensation in order to lead as close to a happy life as possible after the accident for as long as it is needed.

So, can you represent yourself in these matters? Possibly, but this isn’t recommended for the simple reason that an ordinary person doesn’t have the skills and expertise that’s required. Even gathering essential documents like medical reports can be an up-hill battle for a non-experienced person. It’s the attorney’s responsibility to file all of the paperwork needed. They can even assist you with social security benefits if required. In addition, an attorney will gather evidence from potential witnesses and weigh conceivable legal options to speed up the process of obtaining fair justice. Your attorney will do everything for you in a time that you may not be able to help yourself.

Ok. So you now know you need to hire an attorney but which one should you choose? The act of choosing the right lawyer to work with should be taken seriously. It’s vital to a good outcome and experience to find someone that you’re comfortable with. Your attorney should have your best interests in mind during the whole process and be available to you when needed. In order to get the best personal injury attorney you should not expect to locate a good lawyer by simply looking in the phone book or reading an advertisement. There’s not enough information in these sources to help you make a good decision. Also, don’t make up your mind about hiring a lawyer until you’ve met them, discussed your case, and decided that you feel comfortable working with him or her.

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In this mixed up world we live in, accidents can happen at any time so it is always good to be informed on how to handle these situations should they occur. If you or your loved one is or has been seriously injured due to the negligence of other people don’t hesitate to hire a reputable personal injury attorney in your area to represent you. If you are in South Carolina we have offices conveniently located in Columbia, Orangeburg & Lexington, SC. Feel free to contact us for a free personal injury consultation and we would be happy to discuss your situation with you.