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Injured by a Drunk Driver in South Carolina? Don’t Sign Anything Yet!

Burriss & Ridgeway | December 22, 2015

dui insurance adjusterThe classic Modus Operandi of insurance adjusters when their insured has injured another in an accident that involved alcohol is to swoop in and try to settle the case as quickly as possible. Insurance adjusters and the companies for which they work recognize that the less that you know about the behavior of the individual that harmed you, the easier and cheaper they can get the case settled. It is not uncommon for us to hear from clients who have been injured by a drunk driver to have an insurance adjuster show up at their home or contact them within a week of the accident offering what seems like a reasonable amount of money at the time to settle the claim. The problem with this sort of tactic is that the insurance company and the adjuster really do not care if the injured party is harmed in such a way that medical treatment will be needed into the future. What the insurance company knows is that the quicker they can get your signature on their release and check, the quicker they can limit what may be significant exposure on the insurance policy in place.

Drunk driving accidents should not be evaluated monetarily without factoring in punitive damages. South Carolina juries are very serious about protecting the citizens of this state from those that become impaired and harm an innocent victim on the roadway. These cases are almost always punitive in nature and the value can certainly be increased by seeking the assistance of a qualified attorney. There are a whole host of questions that need to be asked and information that needs to be gathered to fully evaluate a case involving an impaired driver.

At Burris and Ridgeway we try to handle every case with the utmost care and fully investigate every aspect of what has taken place. We would be more than happy to meet with you at time for a free consultation to discuss your accident. We have Offices In Columbia SC, Orangeburg SC & Lexington SC to serve you. Simply fill out our contact form at and we will schedule a time that is convenient for you.

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