Motorcycle Accident in the Oak Grove Area of Lexington County

A motorcyclist was severely injured in Lexington county.
close up of motorcyclist with black helmet and black jacket putting on gloves

A motorcyclist was seriously injured in a wreck in Lexington county.

Reported in the Lexington Ledger:

Oak Grove, SC (Paul Kirby) – First responders from the fire service and personnel from Lexington County EMS were dispatched to a crash that severely injured a motorcycle’s rider late Sunday afternoon. The accident occurred on Mineral Springs Road in the Oak Grove area of the County. 

The injured cyclist was treated by the firefighters and paramedics from EMS. Those paramedics and their supervisor provided advanced care for the injured man on scene as he was loaded into an ambulance for transport. That unit left the scene with a firefighter driving. This is done when the extent of a person’s injuries requires both members of the EMS crew to be in the patient compartment of the ambulance providing care. 

The name of the biker has not been released to protect his privacy. There is no available report regarding the exact extent of his injuries. 

The SC Highway Patrol is investigating this incident. 


We want to encourage all drivers to be aware of motorcyclists and motorcyclists to remember to wear their helmets to protect themselves from serious injuries.

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