Two Die in Crash in Kershaw

Heavy rain contributed to a single-vehicle accident in Kershaw Saturday resulting in the death of a 30-year-old mom and one of her children. Two other children were injured.
Rainy rural road with cloudy sky

Any car accident is traumatic. And any crash-related death is tragic. But what happened Saturday in Kershaw was especially devastating because it involved the death of a young mother and her three-year-old son.

The State paper reports that a Midlands woman was travelling in a 2002 Ford Explorer with her three children around 3:30 pm on S.C 341 in Kershaw (according to Cpl. Matt Southern of SC Highway Patrol). The SUV hydroplaned due to heavy rain, according to Lancaster County Coroner Karla Deese. 

Unfortunately, the driver ran off the road and into a hill which caused her vehicle to turn over. Then the SUV hit a utility pole and a tree.

There was only one vehicle involved in the accident. Heather Martin, 30 years old, was a resident of Kershaw. She and her three-year-old boy passed away at the scene. Neither Martin nor her son was wearing a seatbelt. The mom was thrown from the vehicle and the three year old was partially ejected from the SUV.

The two other children were injured and had to be airlifted to Prisma Health Hospital in Richland County.

It’s sobering to realize that 667 people have died on our roadways in South Carolina, so far, as of the date of this accident.

Roads are more dangerous during heavy rain. Let’s review some safety tips to help us all stay alive and well if we must drive during storms and rainy conditions.

10 Safety Tips for Driving in Rain

  1. If rain is heavy or visibility is low, try to wait for better weather before driving.
  2. Drive slower to account for the hazardous conditions.
  3. Always use your headlights in South Carolina if it is raining and/or you are using your windshield wipers.
  4. Avoid standing water. If you can’t tell how deep it is, don’t drive through it.
  5. Break gently and don’t oversteer if you begin to hydroplane.
  6. Give yourself even more space between your car and the car ahead of you than usual.
  7. Be sure to replace worn tires so you have good treads and traction.
  8. Don’t use cruise control.
  9. Keep both hands on the steering wheel.
  10. Replace worn windshield wiper blades for best visibility.

We are committed to helping keep our highways and roads safe in South Carolina. And we are committed to helping people who have been seriously injured by at-fault drivers in car wrecks.

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For more information on preventing car accidents, please see more tips from the National Safety Council.


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