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Florence, SC Construction Accident & Injury Lawyer
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    Florence, SC Construction Accident & Injury Lawyer

    If you were hurt in a construction accident, get legal help right away. Our attorneys represent injured construction workers and help them through the complexities of these cases, fighting to get them the compensation they deserve, not just the compensation that is readily available through insurance.

    In many cases, lawsuits are available to workers who might think they cannot sue their employers under Workers’ Compensation laws. These lawsuits can help you recover additional damages that might cover you in full, whereas an insurance claim would leave many areas of damages on the table.

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    Damages for Injured Construction Workers in Florence, SC

    When you file an insurance claim with your employer’s insurance provider, it can provide limited damages without the need to prove fault. Many injured workers think this is the only way to get compensation for an injury, but additional damages may also be available.

    Although insurance can pay for medical bills and lost wages, it usually will not cover your medical bills entirely. In addition, no damages will be paid for pain and suffering and the rest of your “non-economic” damages if you file an insurance claim alone. Filing a lawsuit can potentially get you access to these damages and pay you back in full for your lost wages, reimbursing you entirely for your injury.

    However, you should have our construction accident and injury lawyers review your case to determine whether you are entitled to a lawsuit, as many workers are not. Additionally, our lawyers can tell you what your medical bills, lost earnings, and pain and suffering are worth. Calculating pain and suffering is often a bit complex, as is the task of determining what your future lost wages are worth if you face a long-term disability after your construction accident.

    Are Construction Workers Independent Contractors for Work Injury Cases in Florence, SC?

    When you are properly classified as an independent contractor, it can change whether your “employer” or “client” is required to carry Workers’ Compensation to cover your injuries. If you are truly an independent contractor and are not covered by an insurance policy, then you might be entitled to lawsuits against any responsible parties after a construction accident. If you are a covered employee, you could be blocked from suing your employer for negligence, but you could still be entitled to sue other third parties for your accident if they were responsible.

    The primary factors South Carolina law looks at to determine whether an employee is an independent contractor come down to how the workers’ tasks are controlled by their boss, how they are paid, how they are hired and fired, and how involved the employer is in providing equipment. Especially at construction sites, construction workers are often heavily under the control of their employers, with tools, safety gear, and other materials all provided by the workers. However, many trades workers or construction workers hired to do specialized jobs – like electricians or tilers – might be hired as contractors or subcontractors and left to their own judgment on how to do their job. This means that it is always a case-by-case question as to whether a worker is an independent contractor.

    Similarly, there is no easy answer as to whether a Workers’ Compensation insurance policy should cover a subcontractor and whether they are considered an “employee” or “independent contractor.”

    Ultimately, if you are an independent contractor, you might not be covered by insurance – but that might also mean you are entitled to more options for lawsuits. It also cuts the other way and means you might not have insurance coverage.

    Types of Construction Accidents Our Attorneys Can Help with in Florence, SC

    Our construction accident and injury lawyers help with all kinds of accidents on construction sites for both the injured workers and anyone else injured passing by or through a work site. All in all, the following are some of the more common cases our lawyers can help with, though we can also assist you with cases not on this list:

    Crane Accidents

    If a crane operator shows up to their job tired or intoxicated, it can be catastrophic. Even when the operator is in good health and paying attention to their tasks, accidents can still happen because of negligence in the crane’s maintenance or operation, leaving crane accident victims dead or facing serious injuries.


    Electrocution injuries can be incredibly painful, even if they do not cause additional harm. However, many electrocution injuries also result in burns, long-term damage, and even death.

    Construction Vehicle Accidents

    Accidents involving injuries from unsafe operation of diggers, bulldozers, backhoes, cherry pickers, and even dump trucks and forklifts can leave victims with serious injuries. Often, these injuries involve blunt force trauma or crushing injuries that can lead to substantial medical bills and long-term disabilities.

    Transportation Accidents

    Many accidents on construction sites involve cars, trucks, and other everyday vehicles. In roadside or highway construction cases, crashes involving other drivers passing through the area are possible. In other crashes, the drivers of vehicles used to transport construction workers or materials could be liable for your accident.

    Dropped and Falling Objects

    Construction materials and tools falling off buildings, exposed upper floors, ladders, and scaffolding can cause serious injuries to those below. If you were hit by a dropped or falling object, you could face serious injuries even if you were wearing proper safety gear.

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