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Lexington, SC Slip-and-Fall Lawyers
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    Lexington, SC Slip-and-Fall Lawyers

    While many people do not consider   accidents to be that serious, victims can easily experience severe injuries that take months or years to heal. Many slip-and-fall victims need additional physical therapy to get back to performing normally.

    Slip and fall accident lawsuits can be complex, but our team can help you identify the responsible party and hold them accountable. Property and business owners have a duty to make their properties safe for those they expect to be there. When they do not take this responsibility seriously, devastating accidents can occur to unsuspecting victims.

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    Parties that Can be Held Liable for a Slip and Fall Accident in Lexington, SC

    A slip-and-fall accident occurs when someone falls and is injured because of another’s negligence. In order to recover compensation in a lawsuit in Lexington, you must show that the defendant owed you a duty to keep their premises safe and that they breached this duty by failing to maintain the property in a safe condition and allowing it to become dangerous. Several parties could be liable for your injuries in a Lexington slip and fall accident. This often makes these cases challenging since the liable party might not be obvious at first.

    Owner of the Property

    The first party to be examined in most cases and likely to be liable is the property owner where you fell. This could be a homeowner, landlord, or business owner. Fortunately, our slip-and-fall accident lawyers can review your case and determine who owes you for your injuries. The owner is responsible for maintaining their property so that it is reasonably safe for others. This includes removing ice or snow from walkways before it becomes dangerous, ensuring there are no potholes in parking lots, keeping the grass cut short enough so people do not trip over it, and addressing other dangers that might arise on the premises.

    An employee of the owner or a business involved with maintaining the property for an owner during normal business hours, like landscapers, could also be held accountable if they created a dangerous condition on the property and the owner did not have a reasonable opportunity to discover it.

    Business Owners

    Business owners are usually tenants of a property owned by another party. In these situations, the business would be the party responsible for the safety of the premises rather than the owner. However, both parties could be sued if they shared responsibilities regarding the safe upkeep of the property.

    Local and State Government Agencies

    Local and state government agencies in Lexington might also be held responsible if their negligence caused a slip and fall injury. Local governments have a duty to maintain public sidewalks in good condition, ensuring that holes and uneven sections are fixed. Numerous agencies, like the gas, water, and electric companies, maintain countless installations around Lexington, which can cause serious slip-and-fall injuries if poorly maintained.

    Common Places Where Slip and Fall Accidents are Likely to Occur in Lexington, SC

    Slip and fall accidents are common in bars and restaurants, medical facilities, and other places where people gather. Regardless, owners and businesses are responsible for keeping the individuals on their property safe. The following are the most common places slip and fall accidents occur in Lexington:

    Bars and Restaurants

    The floors in bars and restaurants can be slippery when wet or covered with grease or food residue. The surfaces may also be uneven due to wear and tear. These businesses should have procedures in place to discover and regularly inspect for the dangers commonly found there. If they fail to do so, they can be sued.

    Medical Facilities

    Slip and fall accidents frequently occur in Lexington medical facilities because of the amount of foot traffic in these buildings. Besides the number of people, hallways are often cluttered with equipment and patients, and dangers on the floor can be easily hidden. Medical facilities also lead to slip and fall injuries because most have highly polished floors made from vinyl tiles or linoleum. If a hospital fails to post adequate sign markers or keeps its premises safe from potential hazards like slippery floors, it could be held liable for any resulting injuries suffered by visitors or patients.


    Stairs are another common place for slip and fall accidents in Lexington. Stairways are especially dangerous because they are often dimly lit, steep, and have high ledges that people can trip over if they are not careful. Other stairs cause injuries because they are made of slippery materials such as tile or marble. Suppose a property owner or business, like an apartment building, fails to address hazardous conditions in their stairwells or place warning signs. In that case, they should be made to compensate any victims that are injured as a result.


    Slip and fall accidents on sidewalks are a common occurrence all across Lexington. The sidewalk can become slippery when it rains, or pedestrians can trip on cracks. These cases can be difficult to determine liability in. Usually, the business the sidewalk is in front of is responsible for maintaining the area. However, it will depend on where you fell on the sidewalk. If your slip and fall injuries happened on a residential sidewalk in front of a house, the homeowner, local government, or other agencies might be liable. In some cases, multiple parties might need to be sued.

    Construction Sites

    Construction sites are another place where slip and fall accidents occur frequently. Construction sites are often very busy, and many people might work at once in different areas around the job site. This makes it more difficult for people to watch out for others walking through the area, especially if they are wearing hard hats or safety glasses obstructing their vision. Construction sites also tend to have uneven surfaces, making them particularly dangerous during inclement weather conditions.

    Parking Lots

    Parking lots can also be dangerous for slip-and-fall accidents due to debris, ice accumulation, and inclement weather. slip-and-fall accidents are also more likely to occur in parking lots because many cars are usually parked close together in tight spaces. Most of the time, the business that has the parking lot is responsible for its safety. However, more investigation might be necessary if the accident occurred in a parking lot with multiple businesses.

    Our Lexington, SC Slip-and-Fall Lawyers Can Help

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