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Columbia, SC Pedestrian Accident Lawyer
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    Columbia, SC Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

    Being physically hit by a car as a pedestrian is one of the most severe types of accident cases.  Victims hit by a car on foot often face severe or even life-threatening injuries.  When that happens, you could be entitled to compensation.  However, payments from insurance might not be enough to cover your needs.

    After a pedestrian accident, victims could face months or years of hospitalization and physical therapy.  They may be unable to go back to work, and they may need compensation for pain and suffering.  Getting coverage for these damages might be hard through insurance, but a lawyer can help.  A Columbia, SC pedestrian accident lawyer can help you negotiate with insurance companies or take your case to court to fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

    For help with a pedestrian accident case, call the Columbia, SC pedestrian accident attorneys at Burriss Ridgeway Injury Lawyers.  Our compassionate injury attorneys can help you and your family get the damages you deserve and work hard to get your life back on track.  For a free case consultation and to learn more, call us today at (803) 451-4000.

    Damages in Pedestrian Car Accident Cases in Columbia

    When you are injured in an accident, you can claim “damages” either through a lawsuit or an insurance claim.  The types of damages you can claim will depend on what damages you suffered in your case.  There are, however, three common areas of damages that your lawyer will usually seek to help you with:

    Medical Bills

    An injury victim can claim damages for the medical bills they faced.  These damages should be paid by the person who caused their injuries; victims should never be made to pay for their own injuries.

    Damages for medical bills include any charges and costs related to medical care.  This means including the cost of any of the following services or expenses:

    • Ambulance rides
    • Emergency hospitalization
    • Surgery
    • Medication
    • Crutches, walkers, and wheelchairs
    • Home wheelchair ramps
    • Physical therapy
    • Occupational therapy
    • Rehabilitation
    • Counseling or therapy

    Talk to a lawyer early on in your case for help keeping track of all of these expenses.  You should also keep copies of any bills you face related to your injuries.

    Lost Wages

    Victims of pedestrian accidents often cannot return to work right away.  This could mean losing wages or even losing your job if you cannot work.  The wages you miss could have gone toward important expenses, like rent or groceries.  Without this money, your family could face terrible outcomes.

    A Columbia pedestrian accident lawyer can help you get replacement wages paid by the at-fault driver.  These lost wage damages can be claimed for the money you already lost as well as future lost wages.  In many cases, permanent injuries keep victims from returning to work in the future.  That could require them to go on disability or take lower-paying jobs.  Lost earning capacity damages can help cover the difference between what you would have made and what you will make now.

    Pain and Suffering

    Although pain and suffering does not have a price tag like medical bills and lost wages, you can still claim damages for it.  These damages can cover a wide range of negative impacts in your life, some of which are not always visible.

    If you were hit by a car and suffered visible scarring, you may be able to show that to a judge and jury and have them award you damages for this.  However, you can also get compensation for invisible scars, like the pain you face, the emotional distress of the injury, and lost enjoyment in life.  Talk to a Columbia pedestrian accident attorney for help calculating pain and suffering damages.

    Proving Fault in a Pedestrian Accident in Columbia, SC

    In most cases, car accidents are caused by the driver, and pedestrians are usually victims.  However, the law is a bit more complicated, and you must examine the facts of a case to determine fault.  You also have to prove that the driver was at fault before insurance companies or courts can have damages paid.

    In any car accident case, a driver can only be held liable if they did something wrong.  This means doing something that violates standard safe-driving practices or traffic laws.  For example, a driver will not typically be held liable for a car crash if they were driving the speed limit with both hands on the wheel and a pedestrian jumped in front of them.  However, drunk drivers, speeding drivers, or drivers who hopped a curb onto a sidewalk will typically be held responsible.

    In many cases, the driver will try to blame you for the accident.  Crossing the street between crosswalks or running into traffic can put you partly at fault for the accident.  Even then, that might not end your case.  If the other driver was responsible, even in part, they can often be ordered to pay their fair share of your damages.  If multiple drivers caused your accident, then they can each be made to pay their fair share.  If your own fault outweighs the defendants’ combined fault in your case, then you may have your case barred.

    Ultimately, insurance companies and courts will require pedestrian accident victims to prove who was at fault and to prove how the injuries happened before awarding damages.  Speak with a Columbia pedestrian accident lawyer for help with your case.

    Columbia, SC Pedestrian Car Accident Victim Attorneys Offering Free Consultations

    For help with a pedestrian accident case, call Burriss Ridgeway Injury Lawyers.  Our Columbia pedestrian car accident attorneys can help put together your case and file for damages to get you the financial compensation you need.  Call (803) 451-4000 for a free case consultation.