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South Carolina Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
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    South Carolina Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

    Motorcycle accidents can leave victims with serious injuries. Unlike in cars and trucks where the shell of the vehicle and airbags work to protect the occupants, motorcycle riders are more vulnerable to injury. Unsafe drivers and truckers often cause these accidents, leaving motorcycle accident victims with injuries and medical expenses.

    If you were hurt in an accident, you should hire a South Carolina motorcycle accident lawyer to help with your case. Your attorney can handle the insurance claims and court filings to get you the compensation you need while you focus on your recovery. Many injury lawyers also work on contingency fees, so you pay nothing upfront and the lawyer does not get paid unless they win your case.

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    Types of Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents in South Carolina

    Victims of motorcycle accidents can face a wide range of injuries that entitle them to compensation. Many riders know that motorcycle accidents can be bad, but that does not mean that they deserve what happened to them or that they took on the risks – especially if your accident was caused by another driver. The following are all common types of serious injuries that motorcycle riders may be able to sue for in South Carolina:

    Severe Road Rash

    Abrasions, commonly called “road rash” in motorcycle accidents, are caused by skin rubbing along the ground or another surface during a crash. At highway speeds, road rash can be incredibly severe and even harm the muscle tissue under the skin. In many cases, surgery and ongoing wound care will be necessary, which can result in surprisingly expensive medical bills.

    Head Injuries

    Although many motorcycle riders understand the importance of wearing a helmet, head injuries can still occur in motorcycle accidents. If you suffered a head injury while wearing a helmet, odds are that it was a concussion or a mild form of traumatic brain injury (TBI). However, even the safest riders can face serious TBIs in accidents caused by dangerous drivers. Talk to a South Carolina motorcycle accident lawyer about getting damages for ongoing care needs and medical bills related to a serious brain injury.

    Spinal Cord Injury and Paralysis

    Many serious motorcycle accidents cause the victim to become paralyzed. Paralysis typically happens because of a severe injury to the back or neck. When the spinal cord is damaged by a broken back or broken neck, the nerves are essentially cut off from functioning below that point. Some victims can recover if the injury involves a herniated disc or other repairable injury that is impinging on the spinal cord. If the spinal cord itself is damaged enough, you may be left with lifelong numbness, loss of feeling, and loss of function.

    Broken Bones

    The severity of a broken bone injury can range widely. Many motorcycle riders walk away from accidents with broken ribs, broken collar bones, or broken wrists and arms that eventually heal. However, many broken bones in the legs, hips, and back can lead to permanent disabilities. Even moderate broken bone injuries that will heal in a few months may still require surgery to properly set the bones. Surgery could also be necessary to add pins, rods, and screws to support weight-bearing bones or repair bones broken into more than two pieces.

    Traumatic Amputation

    Especially when motorcycle riders are hit in the leg by another vehicle or fall under their bike during a crash, they could lose the leg. Traumatic amputation of fingers, toes, feet, hands, or arms is also possible. In some cases, injuries are so severe that surgical amputation is required to prevent further tissue damage. In either case, the future effects on physical abilities, job opportunities, income, and personal enjoyment of life are immense – not to mention the pain and suffering of such an injury. Talk to a South Carolina motorcycle accident lawyer if you faced serious injuries like these in a motorcycle accident.

    Getting Damages for a South Carolina Motorcycle Accident

    Many people think that they need to file a car insurance claim to get damages for motorcycle accidents in South Carolina. In reality, a claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance might not pay you everything you deserve. In some cases, insurance companies might outright refuse to cover damages or to admit that their driver was the one who caused the crash. In these cases, it might be better to sue the at-fault driver for damages.

    Whenever you are injured in a motorcycle accident, it is important to speak with a South Carolina motorcycle accident lawyer about the best path to recovering damages. Some damages are easily paid through insurance, and you can get the compensation you need quickly. Other times, your attorney may need to negotiate with the other driver’s lawyers or insurance company to get you a settlement that adequately covers your needs.

    If the defendant and their insurance are not willing to negotiate, the only recourse left might be to file your claim in court. Filing the lawsuit in a court of law can put a neutral judge and jury on the case instead of leaving payment decisions up to the insurance company. It can also potentially help you get higher damages if the insurance company refuses to acknowledge long-term injuries, future lost income, and other complex injuries that might require additional damages.

    Speak with a South Carolina motorcycle accident attorney about whether settling or going to trial is best in your specific case.

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