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Lexington, SC Attorney for Car Accident Case Referrals
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    Lexington, SC Attorney for Car Accident Case Referrals

    Referring a case to another lawyer can often be a difficult task. Finding an attorney with the right experience and who is trustworthy enough to help your client can be a challenge. Additionally, it can often feel unsettling to relinquish responsibility for a client’s case when they are a preexisting client that you do not want to disappoint. However, referring a client to local counsel that practices in the right field of law for their case is often an important part of zealous advocacy.

    If you are an out-of-state attorney with a client in need of legal help for a car accident in South Carolina, our attorneys can help. Moreover, our attorneys can help with cases from attorneys in and around Lexington that have clients from other types of cases who need help with a car accident claim.

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    Types of Car Accident Cases We Handle on a Referral Basis

    Our attorneys for car accident case referrals make car accident claims a major part of our practice. Our attorneys have handled car accident cases for decades, and we can help with some auto accidents that are often far more complex than the standard fender bender. Especially if your client has been injured in an accident, their case could require our dedicated care.

    The following are all complex types of car accident cases that our lawyers handle on a referral basis:

    Drunk Driving Accidents

    Victims of drunk driving accidents are entitled to have a strong attorney represent them in their case. If you are an out-of-state attorney, you might not be able to take a South Carolina injury case – or if you typically practice DUI defense, you might feel uncomfortable taking a plaintiff’s side case for an existing client. Our car accident attorneys can take the referral and fight to get your client the compensation they deserve.

    In drunk driving accidents, victims often have to contend with the parallel criminal case before they can truly get their DUI injury case moving through the courts. Our attorneys can collect evidence and build their civil case while monitoring the progress of the defendant’s criminal case. We can also work to obtain evidence and rulings from that case to help strengthen the civil case.

    Commercial Trucking Accidents

    Victims of car accidents caused by commercial drivers often have far more complicated cases. Whether they were hit by a trucker, a delivery driver, or some other commercial driver, your client’s case may have to contend with issues of vicarious liability.

    Generally, when an employee is working within the “course and scope” of their employment, their employer is responsible for the employee’s negligence. This often allows victims of truck accidents to sue the trucker’s employer for their injuries rather than resigning themselves to the potentially insufficient damages that a working truck driver can afford to pay through their insurance.

    However, these cases can be fraught with many complications. For example, if the driver was off-course or in violation of company policy at the time of the accident, the company might deny liability. Additionally, cases can become more complex if the driver is an owner-operator or an independent contractor, as these vicarious liability principles might not apply.

    These same considerations typically apply to bus and taxi accidents as well.

    Uber and Lyft Cases

    If you are unfamiliar with how car accident cases work when rideshare companies are involved, you might be surprised by many of the legal schemes that are set up. As mentioned above, many transportation companies can be held liable for their employees’ mistakes behind the wheel. However, Uber and Lyft typically hold a hard line of insistence that their drivers are not their employees and that their role is merely to match independent contractors with riders and to handle the payment system.

    Because of this, Uber and Lyft are often insulated from liability. Nonetheless, they tend to have high-dollar insurance policies that could cover a victim’s injuries. Despite this, these policies are sometimes difficult to access, especially if the Uber/Lyft driver did not carry the required rideshare/commercial insurance policies and Uber/Lyft refuses to extend their policy to cover the accident.

    Multi-Car Pileups

    In accidents involving multiple vehicles, the sheer time and effort required to subpoena all necessary evidence, collect damage reports for each vehicle, depose each driver and each witness, and build a proper theory of the case can be a huge commitment. If you are from out-of-state, having local counsel handle the case for your client will likely be more effective than traveling for each step of the case.

    Additionally, legal issues dealing with South Carolina-specific law will likely be involved in this case, from the specifics of South Carolina’s comparative negligence law to details about right of way and other South Carolina traffic laws. All the while, local procedural rules can complicate the timing of these cases and the procedure concerning crossclaims and counterclaims.

    If you are unfamiliar with these specific legal issues from your typical practice area, our attorneys for a car accident case referral are more than happy to take the case. If you are a solo practitioner or part of a small firm, a case like this might simply be too big of a project for your team – in which case our attorneys are also prepared to accept a referral.

    Call Our Lexington Attorneys for a Car Accident Case Referral

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