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Orangeburg, SC Workplace Injury Lawyer
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    Orangeburg, SC Workplace Injury Lawyer

    Suffering from workplace injuries can be a traumatic experience, causing not only physical harm but also severe financial strain. When the unthinkable happens, it is crucial to understand your rights and options to make the right decision for you and your family.

    Recovering compensation for workplace injuries can be complex, making it essential to have our experienced firm by your side. We can help you understand the legal process, determine your eligibility for claims, and represent you in court if necessary. With our help, you can focus on your recovery while they handle the legal complexities.

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    Types of Dangerous Workplaces Where Injuries are Common in Orangeburg, SC

    Orangeburg, located between Columbia and Charleston, is home to a diversified economy with hundreds of industrial companies. As such, its major industries include manufacturing, healthcare, and education. However, the nature of these industries and their working conditions can often lead to workplace injuries. Fortunately, our workplace injury attorneys can put our extensive experience to use in your case to recover the compensation you are entitled to. The following are the most dangerous industries found in Orangeburg:


    The construction industry is known to be high-risk, posing potential dangers and hazards to workers. These include, but are not limited to, falls from heights, accidents involving heavy machinery, and exposure to hazardous materials. Such hazards can result in various types of injuries, including fractures, burns, and cuts. Additionally, long-term exposure to construction materials can cause respiratory diseases that can develop over time.

    Among these risks, falls from scaffolding or ladders are among the most common causes of injuries. These falls can result in debilitating injuries such as fractures, head traumas, and even spinal cord injuries that can lead to permanent disability or death.

    Sometimes, workers might also suffer from crush injuries because of collapsing structures or malfunctioning equipment, which can cause severe damage to their bodies, including broken bones, internal injuries, and organ damage. Employers need to follow proper safety protocols and guidelines to ensure that workers are protected from these types of accidents and that they are provided with the necessary training and equipment to perform their jobs safely.


    The manufacturing sector is a physically demanding industry where workers are often required to perform repetitive motions and handle heavy equipment. Unfortunately, these tasks can lead to the development of musculoskeletal disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome and back injuries.

    These conditions can cause a range of symptoms, including pain, numbness, and reduced mobility, which can gradually worsen over time. If left untreated, they can severely impact a worker’s ability to perform their job and require extensive medical treatment.

    Additionally, the development of these disorders can lead to long-term disabilities and significant reductions in quality of life. Therefore, it is essential for employers in the manufacturing industry to prioritize worker safety and take measures to prevent these injuries from occurring.

    Health Care

    Healthcare workers are constantly exposed to various occupational hazards that can impact their physical and mental well-being. One of the most common risks they face is needlestick injuries, which can transmit infectious diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C. In addition, they are also susceptible to exposure to other infectious diseases like tuberculosis, flu, and COVID-19. Furthermore, healthcare workers are frequently required to lift heavy objects or patients, resulting in musculoskeletal injuries.

    Apart from physical injuries, healthcare workers often experience high levels of stress because of their demanding job nature, long working hours, and dealing with critical situations. This can lead to mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. These injuries and illnesses can profoundly impact healthcare workers’ lives, affecting their ability to work and carry out daily activities.


    Transportation workers play a crucial role in the economy, but their work comes with significant risks. For instance, truck drivers are at high risk of accidents, which can result in minor cuts and bruises to severe trauma. Additionally, transportation workers who engage in loading and unloading activities are at risk of musculoskeletal disorders and other injuries.

    Furthermore, sedentary work can lead to long-term health issues, including obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. These risks can negatively affect transportation workers’ physical and mental health, as well as their ability to perform their duties effectively.

    Recovering Benefits for a Workplace Injury from Workers’ Compensation in Orangeburg, SC

    In Orangeburg and the rest of South Carolina, employers are mandated by law to have Workers’ Compensation insurance, which provides benefits to employees who suffer workplace injuries. These benefits cover the expenses for medical treatment, rehabilitation, a portion of lost wages, and disability benefits if the injury leads to permanent impairment.

    Employees must report the injury to their employer within 90 days of the incident to claim these benefits. The employer has ten days to report the injury to the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission. If the employer disputes the claim or fails to provide benefits, the employee can file a claim directly with the Commission.

    Filing a Lawsuit for a Workplace Injury in Orangeburg, SC

    Workers’ Compensation is typically the primary source of recovery in the event of a workplace injury. However, this might not fully compensate for all losses, especially in cases of severe injuries. In such instances, it might be worth exploring other legal options that might be available to you.

    For instance, if the injury was caused by a third party that is not your employer or a co-worker, you might be able to file a lawsuit against that party. This could be the case if, for example, you were involved in a car accident while on the job and another driver was at fault. In such a scenario, you might be able to pursue a claim against the driver who caused the accident.

    Another option could be a product liability lawsuit if a defective product caused the injury. This could be applicable if, for instance, you were injured by a poorly designed or manufactured machine. In such a case, you might be able to pursue a product liability claim against the machine manufacturer.

    Keep in mind that pursuing these types of claims requires proving negligence or fault, which is not necessary for a Workers’ Compensation claim. However, they offer the potential for greater compensation than Workers’ Compensation. Thus, you should consider all legal options available to you to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

    Our Orangeburg, SC Workplace Injury Lawyers Can Help Protect Your Rights

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