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Myrtle Beach Workers’ Compensation Attorney
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    Myrtle Beach Workers’ Compensation Attorney

    Injuries in the workplace are often some of the most devastating that a person can suffer. However, injured workers in Myrtle Beach might be entitled to Workers’ Compensation to cover their damages.

    There are countless dangerous industries in Myrtle Beach, and accidents can be caused in several ways. Fortunately, our firm can help you prepare your Workers’ Compensation claim. We can help you gather documentation to support your claim and ensure you receive the proper medical care.

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    Common Causes of Workplace Accidents and Injuries in Myrtle Beach

    Workers in Myrtle Beach can be injured in numerous types of accidents. Fortunately, our Workers’ Compensation lawyers can help you recover benefits no matter what type of workplace accident you were injured in. Many of these kinds of accidents can result in serious and life-altering injuries. The following are the most common causes of workplace accidents in Myrtle Beach:

    Falling from Heights

    Falling from heights is among the most common causes of workplace injuries in Myrtle Beach. These injuries occur when workers fall from ladders, scaffolding, roofs, and other elevated workspaces. The most common injuries from falls are traumatic head injuries and back and spinal cord injuries. Falls are also very dangerous in the workplace because they can easily cause death without the proper safety equipment.

    Sometimes, fall accidents result from inadequate training for working at heights. This can include inadequate information about proper equipment use, such as fall protection systems and guardrails, and inadequate training on safely walking on an elevated surface. Employers are responsible for training their employees on these procedures.

    Vehicle Accidents

    Workers who drive during their job are at a higher risk of being injured in vehicle accidents. This can happen when a worker collides with another vehicle or object on a job site. The most common types of vehicle accidents include rear-end collisions and sideswipe collisions. Injuries from vehicle accidents can range from minor cuts and bruises to severe fractures and head trauma. A victim of a vehicle accident at work should seek immediate medical attention and report their accident to their employer as soon as possible.

    Slip and Fall Accidents

    Slip and fall accidents have been the most common cause of workplace injuries for years. Wet floors or surfaces, faulty or improperly installed floor covering, and faulty or missing floor signs or warning labels on equipment or machinery are all common causes of slip and fall accidents in the workplace.

    Falling Materials

    Falling materials are another common cause of workplace injuries. This occurs when tools or other objects fall from shelves or other storage areas onto workers below them. These accidents often happen when shelves are overloaded with items or when an item is knocked off a ledge by another worker.

    What to Do After Getting Injured to Help Your Workers’ Compensation Claim in Myrtle Beach

    Getting injured on the job in Myrtle Beach is often an extremely stressful situation. However, you can take a number of steps to help you recover benefits in a Workers’ Compensation claim. Be sure to report your injuries to your employer so they can begin the claims process. You must also get medical treatment to document your injuries and recovery time. Collecting your records will help if you need to file a Workers’ Compensation claim without your employer.

    Report Your Injuries

    The first thing you should do after being injured at work in Myrtle Beach is report your injuries to your supervisor or employer. If you cannot report your injuries right away, you should do it as soon as possible. It will be less likely that your employer will deny your injury Workers’ Compensation claim if it is made promptly. Waiting too long to report your injuries could mean a denial of your claim, barring you from recovering compensation for your injuries.

    Get Medical Treatment

    You should get medical treatment immediately after reporting an injury to your employer. It is important that you see a doctor right away for any injuries caused at work because they could get worse over time if left untreated. Also, keep track of all related expenses from medical care and prescriptions so that you can receive reimbursement from your employer’s Workers’ Compensation insurer later.

    Your medical records will be necessary to prove your injuries and are deserving of Workers’ Compensation. Without medical records, it is likely that your employer’s insurance will not provide benefits. This is usually because there is no professional opinion on how long you should be out of work and your prospects for healing.

    Collect Evidence of Your Accident

    It is also important to gather evidence showing how your workplace injuries were caused and who was involved. This can include photos of your injuries and reports made by your employer. You should also keep track of how much time you missed from work as a result of the accident. If there were witnesses to the accident, get their contact information so they can give statements about what happened.

    Write down a description of the event leading up to and including the accident. Include information about what happened immediately before the accident occurred and after. Include as much specific detail as possible in your report, such as weather conditions, the location of the accident, and the time of day it happened.

    Be sure to take photos from different angles so that injuries can be clearly seen in pictures. For instance, if you broke a bone in your leg, take a picture from above and below so it is clear how severely it was fractured. Photos of the scene will also show the workplace conditions at the time of the accident.

    File Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

    In Myrtle Beach, your employer should file a Workers’ Compensation claim on your behalf after getting injured on the job. However, sometimes employers forget to file claims for their employees or do not believe they are injured and refuse to file a claim. In these situations, injured workers can file their claims with the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission. You will need evidence like the kinds mentioned above and your medical records to support your claim when you file. Unnecessary delays could occur if the necessary evidence is not provided.

    You can also check here to see if your employer is covered by Workers’ Compensation in Myrtle Beach.

    Our Myrtle Beach Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Can Help

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