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Hartsville, SC Uber & Lyft Accident Lawyer
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    Hartsville, SC Uber & Lyft Accident Lawyer

    Uber and Lyft crashes, like any car accident, can leave victims with substantial injuries and an expensive road to recovery. Getting your damages taken care of after an accident is vital, but it is often difficult to get full compensation without help from an experienced attorney.

    Our lawyers can help fight insurance carriers and at-fault drivers on your behalf to get you the damages you deserve. It should not be your responsibility to pay for your injuries if you were injured by someone else’s mistakes on the road, and our lawyers can do the work for you so that you have the time and energy to focus on your recovery instead of arguing with insurance to get these damages paid.

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    When to Contact a Lawyer After a Rideshare Accident in Hartsville, SC

    Calling a lawyer as soon as you can after your accident is helpful. The longer you wait, the more steps and stages of your case pass you by without advice and counsel from your Uber and Lyft accident lawyers. Additionally, any time you spend delaying your call to a lawyer is more time before the payments are issued to you.

    Generally, the first few hours after an accident will be consumed by you collecting evidence at the scene, taking pictures, getting contact info for the other people involved in the crash, and talking to the police. If your injuries were severe enough, this time will also be consumed by medical treatment, either at the scene with the EMTs that came when you called 911 or at the hospital. If your injuries are very serious, it might even be a few days before you are well enough to make a call to a lawyer.

    After handling the steps discussed above, calling a lawyer should be your next priority. Our attorneys can help guide you through what other steps need to be taken, whether you should seek follow-up medical appointments, what additional doctors or specialists you might want to consider seeing to do your due diligence with your medical care, and what insurance claims you should file. We can also talk to insurance companies on your behalf and guide you through what you should and should not say, as many simple things that people would normally say to insurance representatives could potentially be misinterpreted and used against them.

    All in all, we will pursue damages aggressively and work to get the payments you need promptly. If you delay in calling us, that means a delay in filing your insurance claims and any lawsuits necessary, putting an extra delay on how long it takes to get these claims and cases resolved and payments issued.

    Damages Available to Injured Rideshare Accident Victims in Hartsville, SC

    Whether you were injured as a passenger in an Uber or Lyft or you were hit by one of these drivers while on foot, on a bike, or in another car, you could be entitled to compensation from the at-fault driver. In many cases, this will mean getting damages paid by the Uber or Lyft driver and their insurance policies. However, if they were also a victim and another driver actually caused the crash, you should pursue these damages from them, with some supplemental damages paid by the Uber or Lyft driver’s insurance. All in all, damages are usually not paid by Uber or Lyft directly, though these companies do typically provide insurance coverage for accidents involving their riders.

    As for what damages you can claim, there are three major areas of compensation that injured rideshare accident victims can typically pursue:

    Pain and Suffering

    Pain and suffering, along with other “non-economic” damages, can be claimed to cover the negative experiences the accident caused you. Your physical pain is separate from the medical bills related to your accident, and these damages are essentially paid to compensate you for your injury itself, along with the suffering, anguish, and distress associated with the injury.

    These damages are complex to calculate and usually require a holistic examination of your case and an overall assessment of how severe your injuries are. This requires us to look at how long the injuries will last and what effects they have on your daily living.

    Medical Expenses

    Although you can get damages for your injuries themselves, you can also get compensation for any expenses you paid because of the accident. Medical bills will be a big part of those damages.

    You can get financial compensation for all medical expenses related to your accident, including the treatment for physical injuries at the hospital after your accident, as well as treatment for the mental and emotional effects through mental health therapy. Other therapies, such as physical therapy and occupational therapy, should also be covered.

    Lost Wages

    If you cannot work while recovering from your injuries, you will miss out on wages that should have otherwise gone into your pocket. Since the driver who caused your Uber/Lyft crash was responsible for your missing work, they should pay you back for those lost wages.

    Many auto accident injuries are long-term injuries that affect victims for months or years to come. In many cases, this could even mean having to take a job with lighter duties or a lower paycheck. Long-term injuries and disabilities can justify additional compensation for the wages you are poised to miss going forward, on top of any wages you already missed while you were recovering.

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