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Lexington, SC Motorcycle Accident Lawyers
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    Lexington, SC Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

    Motorcycle riders have as much of a right to enjoy the open roads safely as other drivers do. Unfortunately, motorcycles are not always given the same care that other vehicles get, which can lead to catastrophic accidents.

    Motorcyclists are in the unfortunate position of not only having to be aware of run-of-the-mill negligence but must also be on the lookout for dangers that will typically only affect them. This includes accidents caused by other drivers not checking their blind spots or opening their car doors in front of oncoming traffic. While motorcycle accident cases can be complex, there is no reason why you should not be compensated for the damages another driver caused.

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    Common Ways that Motorcycle Accidents Occur in Lexington, SC

    Motorcycle riders are exposed to even more danger on the roads, given the little protection motorcycles offer. While motorcycle riders are vulnerable to ordinary driver negligence, a few types of accidents are particularly dangerous to riders. Fortunately, our motorcycle accident attorneys can help you recover compensation regardless of the motorcycle accident you were involved in.

    Sudden Braking Accidents

    Accidents caused by sudden stops, or “brake checking,” can cause devasting injuries to motorcycle riders. Sometimes these accidents are intentional, with the driver in front braking suddenly to “check” a rider behind them. This could be construed as reckless driving and should not be done. Other accidents are unintentional, with negligent drivers suddenly stopping to make last-second turns. If they fail to use a turn signal to signal their intention, they could cause a rider to crash into them.

    Blind Spot Accidents

    Motorcycle accidents caused by drivers not checking their blind spots are a common way riders are injured. All vehicles have areas where their view is obscured because of their design. The larger the vehicle, the more blind spots it typically has. Drivers are responsible for checking these blind spots before changing lanes or turning. However, some drivers only give a cursory look or do not check at all. This presents an added danger to motorcycles, which can be more easily hidden in a vehicle’s blind spot.

    Open Door Accidents

    Open-door accidents can be devasting for an unwary rider. Unfortunately, many drivers simply stop paying attention once their car is parked, mistakenly thinking there is no longer danger. However, if a driver is parked on a busy road or metro area, they should pay extra attention when they exit their vehicle. If their door opens in front of oncoming traffic, it is the driver’s duty to make sure the path is clear. Opening a driver or passenger-side door in the path of a motorcycle rider can cause catastrophic injuries and immense property damage.

    Accidents Caused by Hazardous or Poor Road Conditions

    Clearly, the country’s infrastructure is falling apart, which presents added dangers to motorcycle riders. While cars and other vehicles might not have much difficulty getting over potholes and uneven roads, these can cause devasting injuries to motorcyclists. Riders are not protected from being enclosed in a vehicle, so if they hit a road hazard, it can cause them to be thrown from their bike. A state or municipal agency is usually liable for safe road conditions in these situations.

    Accidents Caused by Driving Under the Influence

    Drunk drivers are responsible for many deaths each year and are extremely dangerous to motorcycle riders. Drunk driving is not only negligent, but it is also criminal. If a drunk driver injures you, your chances of recovering compensation in a lawsuit are very high, and you will likely receive punitive damages in addition to the other losses you suffered. Our motorcycle accident lawyers can help you get justice for your injuries if you were the victim of drunk driving.

    How the Litigation Process Works After a Motorcycle Accident in Lexington, SC

    When you are injured in a motorcycle accident in Lexington, you can file a lawsuit against the negligent party to recover compensation. While the driver that injured you is usually the liable party, they might not be the only party that shares responsibility for your injuries. The litigation process can be overwhelming for victims, but our motorcycle accident attorneys can help you along every step and ensure your lawsuit is filed before time runs out.

    Identifying the Liable Parties

    While the driver involved in your accident is most likely the liable party, there might be others who should be named in your lawsuit. In some cases, the person that injured you might have borrowed the car from the vehicle’s owner, who knew the person they were loaning their car to was dangerous. In this situation, the owner could be held liable for negligently entrusting their car to the negligent driver.

    If your motorcycle accident was caused by a commercial vehicle, the driver’s employer might also be responsible. Employers can be held vicariously liable for their employees if they cause an accident while performing their normal job functions. If your motorcycle accident was caused by your bike malfunctioning, the designer or manufacturer of the defective part could be sued for their negligence. In other cases, the state or local government might be liable if poor road conditions or other road hazards cause your injuries.

    The point is, identifying the negligent parties means more than just looking at the other driver involved. The more parties named in your lawsuit, the better your chances of recovering the compensation you deserve.

    Gathering Evidence

    In order to prove your motorcycle accident claim, you will need evidence. Relevant evidence typically comes from several sources and can be difficult to gather if you do not know what to look for. Several elements must be established to win your case, and each piece of evidence will play a role in establishing these elements. Records like police reports, medical records, and witness testimony can all help to build the strongest case possible. Our motorcycle accident lawyers can help you track down the evidence in your case so that you recover the compensation you are entitled to.

    Our Lexington, SC Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Can Help

    If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, our motorcycle accident lawyers can help you hold the negligent party accountable. For a free case review, call Burriss Ridgeway Injury Lawyers today at (803) 451-4000.