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Columbia, SC Slip And Fall Accident Lawyers
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    Columbia, SC Slip And Fall Accident Lawyers

    Slip and fall accidents are one of the most common ways that people get injured.  Whether people slip and fall from wet floors or debris and other obstacles, injury victims could be entitled to sue the property owner for what happened.

    When you are injured because someone else’s property was unsafe, you could be entitled to compensation.  Stores, homes, and even sidewalks should be safe for guests and passers-by – and when they are not, people can be seriously injured.  Injuries from slip and fall accidents can include back injuries, broken bones, and even traumatic brain injuries.

    For help with your slip and fall injury case, call Burriss Ridgeway Injury Lawyers today.  Our Columbia, SC slip and fall accident lawyers help victims of slip and fall accidents get compensation from insurance and lawsuits.  For a free consultation on your potential case, call (803) 451-4000.

    Who is Responsible for Slip and Fall Accidents in Columbia, SC?

    When people are injured in slip and falls, it is usually because someone failed to clean up a spill or warn them about a dangerous floor.  Liability might shift to different people depending on the circumstances of the specific case.

    Property Owners

    Property owners are expected to know their property and take care to keep people safe when they come to visit or shop.  Building owners should know if their tile becomes slippery when wet or if their store’s aisles are prone to spills.  They should also take necessary steps to prevent accidents, and they can be held liable when they do not.

    Accidents at Rented Properties

    In many cases, the building’s owner is directly liable for slip and falls caused by dangerous conditions on the property.  Building owners have a duty to clean up spills and warn guests of dangers, so responsibility for accidents falls to them.  However, many buildings – especially apartments and commercial properties – are rented by the people who actually live or operate a business there.  In most cases, the property’s operator – the tenant – will be responsible for cleaning up spills.  This means that even if a commercial building is owned by a property company, the store that operates in that building will often be responsible for slip and falls in the store.

    Accidents in Shared Areas

    Some shared areas – such as lobbies and parking lots – are cleaned and maintained by the building owner.  Others are left to the care of the tenants.  This will depend on the lease agreement, and questions of who is responsible might shift based on this document.  Your Columbia, SC slip and fall accident lawyer can help you pick the right party to hold liable.  You may also be able to sue both of them, and they can figure out later which one will ultimately pay you.

    Suing Stores and Companies

    Often, companies will be responsible for slip and falls because their employees failed to clean wet floors or warn of spills.  For example, an office might be liable for a client slipping and falling because the janitor was mopping without a “Caution: Wet Floor” sign.  In cases like these, the specific employee could be the target of a lawsuit, but their employer can also be joined in the case.  Often, the employer can be held responsible for the individual employee’s mistakes, and the company will be better able to pay damages.

    Filing a Lawsuit for Injuries Sustained During a Slip and Fall Accident in Columbia, SC

    The decision of whether to sue for an injury can seem like a difficult call to make.  Injury victims are often embarrassed by their accidents and blame themselves.  However, if you fell because of unsafe conditions that the property owner should have known about, you should not blame yourself.  This is, in fact, a serious issue that could potentially justify substantial compensation.  Especially if you suffered serious injuries, a lawsuit might be your best option.

    Victims of injuries on someone else’s property can often sue for their injuries, but there might be insurance that covers the accident.  Insurance payouts may be enough to cover minor injuries, but a serious injury case might be too much for insurance to handle.  Homeowners insurance companies, business liability insurance companies, and other insurance companies tend to avoid high-dollar payouts however they can.  This could mean denying your claim altogether or offering a low-dollar settlement that fails to cover your needs.

    You should always review your options for compensation with an experienced Columbia, SC slip and fall accident lawyer before accepting any money.  Insurance payouts could leave out damages for pain and suffering or other important damages, potentially failing to cover your damages at their full value.  This can leave you to pay more damages on your own.

    When you sue, you could be entitled to claim any and all damages that stem from the accident.  That means holding the responsible parties liable for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and even property damage caused by the slip and fall accident.

    Any time you are injured, you could face pain and suffering and medical bills that you should not be left to pay for yourself.  If someone else caused your injuries, talk to an attorney about getting justice by filing an insurance claim or lawsuit.  Your attorney can help you decide the best route to recovery in your case.

    Proving Fault for Slip and Falls in South Carolina

    Issues of fault will come into any insurance claim or lawsuit for slip and falls.  Typically, you need to prove that the condition that caused your injury was something that the property owner should have known about and should have either cleaned up or warned you about.  Security cameras, eyewitness testimony, and other evidence can help supply this proof.  Talk to a lawyer about collecting security camera footage and other necessary evidence for your case.

    Our Columbia, SC Slip and Fall Injury Attorneys Can Help

    Burriss Ridgeway Injury Lawyers represent victims of slip and fall accidents and other injury cases.  For a free case consultation with our team of Columbia slip and fall accident attorneys, call us at (803) 451-4000.