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Hopkins, SC Personal Injury Lawyer
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    Hopkins, SC Personal Injury Lawyer

    Injury cases from many different types of accidents can leave people with serious injuries and disabilities. Even if your injuries are not long-term, they could leave you out of work for a period of time and cost a lot of money to treat. There is help to get these costs reimbursed, along with payments for your pain and suffering.

    Working with a lawyer, you can seek to hold negligent property owners, doctors, manufacturers, drivers, and other parties liable for your injuries. This could lead to settlements and jury awards for all of the compensation you need, helping you and your family move forward after an accident.

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    Types Of Personal Injury Cases in Hopkins, SC

    When people think of personal injuries, they probably think of either a person with a neck brace sitting in a courtroom trying to convince a jury their injury is real or someone trying to sue a big company for what seems like a small injury. In the vast majority of personal injury cases, the victim is an everyday person who was injured in an accident that should have been avoided, and they only turn to a personal injury case because there is no other way to get their injury paid for.

    If someone else hurt you, you are entitled to justice for what happened. These accidents involve far more types of cases than what news stories like to focus on, and our personal injury lawyers can help you seek justice for any of the following types of cases and more:

    Car Accidents

    Most people who rely on cars to get around will be in an accident eventually. The hope is that your crash would involve property damage only, but thousands of injuries result every year in car crashes. When they do, you can hold the at-fault driver responsible. While insurance covers a lot, it might not pay for everything, and you should always talk to an injury lawyer about what your case should be worth before accepting damages.

    Other Auto Accidents

    While the typical image of a car accident is between two sedans, the reality is that many other vehicles on the road can be even more dangerous. Trucks, 18-wheelers, semi trucks – whatever you want to call them – can cause substantial damage to a smaller car or SUV, leaving the occupants with serious injuries. Buses, construction vehicles, garbage trucks, and other vehicles can also cause serious crashes. In these cases, there is often an employer or transportation company behind the crash that can be held liable for their driver’s mistakes.

    Product Injury Cases

    Injuries happen in many different ways because of dangerous and defective products on the market. Power tools, household appliances, electronics, pharmaceutical drugs, auto parts, and many more products can all have defects in their design or problems during assembly that lead to tragic injuries. Other products, including food and drink products, could also be tainted or dangerous in surprising ways that might lead to serious injuries you can get compensated for.

    Medical Malpractice

    Doctors and hospitals sometimes make mistakes that cost patients dearly. Many surgical errors are obvious, but issues of misdiagnosis, medication errors, and hidden mistakes can leave patients suffering without knowing the cause. Getting a second opinion from another doctor and talking to a lawyer about your case can help you uncover what happened to you and hold the liable parties accountable in court.

    Slip and Falls/Trip and Falls

    One of the most common ways people are injured is in fall-down accidents caused by slipping or tripping. These cases can often see property owners facing liability for what happened, whether the cause was wet floors, slippery tiles, cables drawn across walkways, uneven floors, uneven stairs, or some other cause.

    Premises Liability Accidents

    Although slip and falls are some of the most common ways people are injured on someone else’s property, many injuries result from other accidents tied to the dangerous conditions on a piece of property. These “premises liability” cases can involve dangers like fire, electrical hazards, drowning hazards, and structural collapses, all caused by a property owner’s failure to warn people on the property of the dangers or failure to repair the dangers. For example, missing smoke detectors in an apartment building or a broken fire door in a theater could lead to tragic injury and loss of life.

    Work Injuries

    Accidents in the workplace can happen in many different ways, many of which involve the issues already listed above. For example, workers with defective safety gear could be injured, as could workers in an unreasonably slippery warehouse. It is often up to employers to keep workers safe, but lawsuits directly against employers are often barred. Even so, compensation may be available through insurance, and lawsuits may be filed against other negligent parties.

    Wrongful Death

    Any of the accidents discussed above can be deadly in the most serious cases. These deadly accidents can take away loved ones, leaving your family with both economic and non-economic harms that need compensation.

    Should I See a Lawyer about Minor Injuries in Hopkins, SC?

    Not every accident is as serious as some of the more tragic situations discussed above, but that does not mean you do not deserve justice. If you were injured and faced medical bills, missed any time at work, or face ongoing discomfort and pain and suffering, you likely have grounds for a personal injury case. Our lawyers can review the facts of your case and advise you on how to file an insurance claim or even take the case to court, as well as whether your case might be “worth it” to pursue.

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