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When an attorney has a client with a personal injury case that they cannot handle, the best thing they can do for their client is refer them to an attorney who can meet the challenge.

Attorneys can have several reasons for referring a client’s case to an experienced personal injury attorney. In many cases, a client’s injuries occurred in Lexington, but the attorney is not licensed to practice law in South Carolina. In other cases, the attorney might be local but practices in an area of law other than personal injuries. Regardless of the reasons, our personal injury attorneys can help your client recover the compensation they deserve. Our firm is extremely knowledgeable in nearly every type of personal injury claim a victim can make.

If you need to refer your client’s personal injury case, our personal injury attorneys in Lexington can help determine the best path to recovering compensation. For a free review of your client’s case, call Burriss Ridgeway Injury Lawyers today at (803) 451-4000.

Types of Personal Injury Cases that Our Lexington, SC Attorneys Handle

Personal injury law is a vast field of practice encompassing many types of claims. Our personal injury attorneys pride themselves on being able to help clients recover compensation in virtually any type of personal injury lawsuit. Our firm is more than capable of handling common cases, like premises liability for a slip and fall accident, but we can also provide support in more complex cases, including nursing home abuse cases and medical malpractice claims.

Vehicle Accidents

Many personal injuries result from car accidents. While car accidents are common, each case is unique and might have important details that can significantly impact the outcome. However, car accident cases can become complex very fast. In some cases, multiple drivers might have contributed to causing your client’s injuries and will need to be sued. If your client was injured in a truck accident, we can determine if the truck driver’s employer can be held liable for the negligence of its employee. We can also accept cases where the client is an injured pedestrian.

Construction Accidents

Our personal injury attorneys can also help your client if they are injured on construction sites in South Carolina. Construction accidents are some of the most complex in personal injury law. Fortunately, our lawyers have years of experience litigating these types of personal injury cases. There are many that an employer can be held liable for violating. However, it takes an attorney who knows what to look for to be successful.

Nursing Home Abuse Cases

Our firm is also well-practiced in nursing home abuse cases. These cases often involve questions of liability for employees and the nursing home they work for. Other laws are in place to protect nursing home residents, which our personal injury attorneys can use to help protect your client’s rights. Our personal injury attorneys can help your client recover compensation for their damages no matter how their accident was caused.

Important South Carolina Laws that Can Impact Your Client’s Personal Injury Case

Every attorney knows that the law varies from state to state. Even if you and your client are in a nearby state like North Carolina or Georgia, the laws in South Carolina can be vastly different. If a referring attorney is unfamiliar with these laws, it can negatively impact their client’s personal injury case. Our personal injury attorneys can help your client understand how South Carolinas laws will affect their case.

At-Fault Insurance

Considering car accidents are arguably the most common reason for filing personal injury lawsuits, it is important to understand the type of insurance rules South Carolina employs. South Carolina is an at-fault state, meaning the victims can start the recovery process by filing a third-party claim against the responsible driver’s insurance.

If your client lives in a state that uses no-fault insurance rules, they will likely not be familiar with the requirements to recover compensation under an at-fault system. To recover benefits in an at-fault insurance claim, the insurance company will need to provide evidence showing that their policyholder caused the accident. This is in stark contrast to no-fault insurance benefits, which compensate car accident victims from their own car insurance policies.

Statute of Limitations

Fortunately, South Carolina has one of the longer statutes of limitations among the southern states. If your client was injured in Lexington, they will have three years from the date of the accident to file their lawsuit. This is slightly more time than Georgia offers, which has a two-year time limit to file a personal injury lawsuit. However, no time should be wasted in getting your client’s personal injury case started. Like every other state, the court will likely not entertain your client’s case if it is filed after the three-year window closes.

However, there is an exception if your client was under 18 when they were injured. If a person were a minor when the accident occurred, the statute of limitations would not begin tolling until the victim’s 18th birthday. Our personal injury attorneys can help your client gather evidence to file their case promptly.

Contributory Negligence

Lastly, South Carolina also practices the form of contributory negligence known as modified contributory negligence, commonly referred to as the “51% rule.” Under this system, your client can recover compensation if their percentage of fault is found to be less than that of the defendant. This is a much fairer practice than some states’ pure contributory negligence rules, which prevent victims from recovering compensation if they contributed to their accident. Our personal injury attorneys can review your client’s case and help fight any accusations that they were mostly at fault for their injuries.

Our Lexington, SC Attorneys for Personal Injury Case Referrals Can Help

If you are considering referring your client’s personal injury case, our personal injury attorneys in Lexington can help by providing a free assessment of your client’s case. Contact us at Burriss Ridgeway Injury Lawyers at (803) 451-4000.

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