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Lexington, SC Workplace Injury Lawyers
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    Lexington, SC Workplace Injury Lawyers

    We expect to go to work each day in a safe environment where we can do our jobs without any risk of harm. Unfortunately, many employees are not so fortunate. If you were injured in your workplace, our lawyers can help you fight for fair compensation.

    The nature of your lawsuit and legal claims depends on your work and how you were injured. Common examples across various fields of work include equipment malfunctions, slip and falls, and even illness from things like mold or hazardous materials. Generally, the Workers’ Compensation system gets in the way when people try to sue their employers, although there are ways to get around these restrictions. Certain third parties, on the other hand, are usually open to liability. Proving your claims requires evidence of your accident and more evidence of the defendant’s liability. You should talk to an attorney as soon as possible to avoid missing important filing deadlines.

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    Common Example of Workplace Injuries in Lexington, SC

    Workplace accidents and injuries might happen in innumerable ways. Different jobs and workplaces tend to carry different hazards and risks, and certain kinds of injuries might be unique to your situation. Even so, some common accidents might occur in almost any field or industry.

    Slip and falls are common accidents everywhere, including in the workplace. While some are lucky that the only injury they sustain is to their ego, others are less fortunate. A slip and fall could be devastating, especially if you fell from a great height, down some stairs, or in a way that causes painful injuries. For example, a construction worker slipping and falling off a roof might be extremely serious. Alternatively, you could slip in your office on a wet spot from a coffee spill, try to break your fall with your hands and end up badly injuring your arms.

    If you work with heavy machinery, you might be injured by defective equipment or a coworker’s negligence. For example, if someone is recklessly operating a forklift in a warehouse, you might be run over or pinned against the wall and badly hurt. If you work with power tools, a tool might malfunction and injure you. While some cases are related to negligence, others are related to manufacturing defects.

    Cleanliness is important in workplace safety. Unsanitary conditions like mold could lead to serious illnesses. On the other hand, workers might be unknowingly exposed to hazardous materials like asbestos. Talk to an attorney if you and other coworkers have gotten sick at your workplace.

    Who You Can Sue for Workplace Injuries in Lexington, SC

    One of the most important aspects of your lawsuit is deciding who should be on the other end of it. People often assume the defendant’s identity is always obvious, but this is not often the case. While we might think certain people should be held responsible, the law might say otherwise. Talk to an attorney about where and how your accident occurred to determine who should be held liable.

    In many workplace injury cases, plaintiffs want to sue their employers. This is understandable, as employers are usually responsible for ensuring the work environment is safe for employees. However, if your case falls under South Carolina’s Workers’ Compensation system, you might not be able to sue your boss. Employers are typically exempt from liability, and injured employees must file Workers’ Compensation claims instead. However, you might be able to sue your employer if they do not have Workers’ Compensation insurance or if they caused the accident intentionally.

    Third parties are usually not exempt from liability and may be sued under most circumstances. Third parties might include manufacturers who produced defective tools, equipment, or goods that injured you at work. They might also include customers, clients, or even trespassers who somehow caused your accident.

    How to Prove Your Claims in Workplace Injury Lawsuits in Lexington, SC

    We need evidence to back up your claims. Where to find evidence is another factor that tends to differ in each case. Of course, the nature of your accident and workplace may heavily influence how our workplace injury attorneys obtain evidence. Still, some common sources of evidence are worth investigating.

    Many workplaces are under video surveillance, usually for security purposes. Security cameras often record videos of workplace accidents and might be useful in your case. Depending on how much of your accident was captured on video, security camera footage might be extremely powerful and persuasive evidence. We should act quickly to get copies of these videos, which are often deleted or erased after a few days.

    Accidents in the workplace might affect numerous people, including clients, customers, and coworkers. If anyone else saw the accident happen, they can testify about what they saw. In addition, coworkers might have valuable personal knowledge about things like safety regulations or a lack thereof. They can testify about the unsafe working conditions, even if they did not personally witness the accident.

    When to Speak to an Attorney About Your Lexington, SC Workplace Injury Case

    If you were hurt on the job, you should report the injuries to your employer immediately and speak to an attorney as soon as possible. Proper documentation of your injuries with your employer is important for multiple reasons. First, your employer needs this information if you want to file a Workers’ Compensation claim. Second, documentation of when you were injured will be important when you file a lawsuit.

    According to South Carolina Code § 15-3-530, plaintiffs have 3 years from the date they are injured to file a personal injury claim. This might sound like a long time to file a lawsuit, but personal injury claims, including those for workplace injuries, take a long time to prepare. By the time a case is filed, months or even years of preparation have gone into it. If the deadline to file passes without anything being filed, you might lose your claim altogether.

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