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I Have Been Injured in an Accident in SC and I am Not Sure What to do…

Burriss & Ridgeway | September 24, 2015

With regards to seeking medical treatment after an accident in South Carolina we see clients make one of two mistakes on a fairly regular basis:

The first mistake that clients often make is that they will sit around hurting and hoping to get better for some extended period of time delaying the inevitable treatment that they will need to have. When a client comes in and has failed to appear for treatment for a period of 3 to 6 weeks after the accident it becomes very difficult to convince an insurance company or their adjuster that the client was actually injured in the accident. We recognize why people take this course of action but caution all clients against delaying their treatment. At the end of the day when your lawsuit is filed the insurance company will hire a very good defense lawyer who will argue to a jury that injured people seek treatment when they are injured. If you do not seek treatment immediately and continue to seek treatment until you are pain free you will no doubt be a victim of this argument.

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The second mistake that we see clients make is appearing at a medical provider’s facility making complaints of the body part that hurts the most and ignoring everything else until what hurts the most feels better. Last year I handled a case against a major retailer where an elderly client had fallen and broken her elbow. At the time of the injury the client also had injured her right knee however because the elbow required several surgeries and physical therapy she never got around to talking about knee with the doctor. When it became apparent some 6 to 9 months after the accident that she in fact had cartilage damage in the right knee it became very difficult to convince the insurance company and/or the jury that the right knee was actually injured in the accident. Please recognize that when going to the doctor after an accident not only are you seeking medical treatment to make you better but you are also creating a record of what your complaints are related to the accident.

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