Car Crashes into McDonald’s in Cayce, SC

A car with three passengers was hit in the side by an oncoming van on Charleston Hwy.
McDonald's sign against blue sky at dusk

There is a very busy section of Charleston Hwy. between Exit 1 for I-77 and Exit 115 for I-26 that is full of fast-food restaurants and gas stations. This stretch is 6 lanes wide and goes straight up a hill. Unfortunately, because it is so busy, there tend to be frequent car accidents there.


Three women were in a red Mercury traveling south when a black van came across the double yellow line and hit the Mercury on the side. The Mercury swerved onto the McDonald’s property in the 2900 block of Charleston Hwy. and struck the building. The car ended up halfway into the dining room of the restaurant.


Thankfully, no one was sitting in that area of the building at the time of the accident.


Patients were sent to the hospital and later released without reporting injuries. 


This was a fortunate situation. But sometimes people are seriously injured or even killed in car accidents, often through no fault of their own.


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