Car Flips on 12th St. Ext. Near Cayce, SC

A car flipped over going around a curve ejecting a person and injuring them in Lexington county.
Cars on a rural road at night

A terrible wreck happened not far from Amazon near Nephron Pharmaceuticals and a person was thrown from the car when it flipped then the car landed on the victim. The injured person was transported to the hospital.

Reported by the Lexington Ledger


Dixiana, SC (Paul Kirby) – First responders were dispatched to a report that a vehicle had flipped over in the curve near Nephron Pharmaceuticals on the 12th Street Extension before Old Wire Road early Wednesday morning. The call reporting the wreck came in about 5:40 a.m. 


First arriving fire equipment reported that the car had left the road, flipped, and ejected a person from the passenger compartment. That person was trapped under the vehicle. Firefighters immediately closed the 12th Street Extension to give them a safe area to work as they lifted the car to check on the person underneath. 



An ambulance has left the scene of the accident running to Prisma Health’s Palmetto Richland Trauma Center with a patient on board. 

Road travel is crucial for most of us to conduct our lives, business, family relationships, and recreational activities. Unfortunately, even when we take precautions, accidents can still happen that can cause significant property damage, injuries, and even death.


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