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Criminal Law & DUI

Criminal Attorney – At Burriss & Ridgeway we understand that criminal charges are serious and require the utmost attention.

If you have been charged with or are under investigation for a crime, it is critical that you seek professional legal counsel as quickly as possible.

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Legal representation is critical in an effort to safeguard your livelihood, property, and freedom. Attorneys at the Columbia law firm of Burriss and Ridgeway have solid courtroom experience and take every possible action to manage this potentially stressful experience, allowing for the process to proceed smoothly and well-positioned for success. The Columbia law firm defends your rights utilizing all possible means to reduce risks to clients associated with the charges.

Do not give any statements to law enforcement or anyone else.
Immediately ask law enforcement to allow you to contact an attorney.
Do not give into any pressure, threats or other forms of manipulation by law enforcement.
Stand your ground, be nice, remain silent and request to talk to your attorney.
Do not speak to anyone other than your attorney about the case.
Do not voluntarily submit to a lie detector test or any other test requested by law enforcement.

The Columbia law firm of Burriss & Ridgeway handles cases in Magistrate, State and Federal courts. The experienced team looks forward to hearing and assisting you.

We are your Criminal Law & DUI South Carolina Attorney serving the entire State of South Carolina