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Eastover, SC Car Accident Lawyer
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    Eastover, SC Car Accident Lawyer

    Knowing what to do after a car accident and how to get yourself the compensation you need for auto repairs, medical expenses, and lost wages can be hard. There are complex laws, and people who do not work with car accidents might not know how much these accidents should cost and whether insurance companies are leading you in the right direction.

    That is why you should work with an experienced lawyer after an accident. Our attorneys have years of experience handling car accident cases on behalf of injury victims and their families. We can speak with the insurance companies on your behalf and fight to get you the financial compensation you need, all without walking into a courtroom. And, if the insurance companies refuse to cooperate, we can throw the full power of the courts at them and seek to get you damages at trial.

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    How to Deal with the Aftermath of a Car Accident in Eastover, SC

    After a car crash, you could be left with a broken vehicle and serious physical injuries that keep you from going to work, participating in activities you enjoy, and otherwise causing problems in your everyday life. It is important to file an insurance claim or a lawsuit to get all of your damages compensated, but understanding the steps to take both immediately and in the coming days and months is something our car accident lawyers can help you with.

    Immediate Action

    Immediately after a car accident, call 911 and get medical attention. If you need to go to the hospital, do so right away and follow through with all medical recommendations. If you are well enough to stay at the crash scene, you can take the time to collect evidence that will help with your case. This includes photos of the accident scene, the driver’s contact and insurance info, contact info for any other witnesses, and details about the accident itself (location, lighting, what cars were involved, etc.).

    Also, make sure to get a police officer to respond. Insurance companies usually need a police report to prove the accident happened, and the officer is required to write up a report for every accident they respond to. This can also supply some of the info you need, like the other driver’s name, if you had to be rushed to the ER.

    What to Do in the Days After a Crash

    In the days immediately following the accident, focus on your recovery. If you were seriously injured and are staying at the hospital, worry about getting better.

    If you are well enough to do so, then you can call our attorneys for a free case assessment. We can then guide you on what other steps might need to be taken, such as whether a friend or family member should take additional pictures of the crash scene. We can also guide you through how to collect and keep your medical records, track your expenses related to the crash, and keep a journal of the pain and suffering you face during your recovery.

    You might also be able to file an insurance claim at this time. If you have first-party benefits on your insurance policy, they can help pay for medical bills and other damages right away. Otherwise, a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance will pay the majority of your damages if the insurance company agrees to pay you.

    What to Do Later

    You might need to follow up with medical care after you leave the hospital. Always stick to the treatment plan and keep all appointments, therapy sessions, and the like to make sure that you do the best job you can at recovering. This prevents the defense from being able to claim that you made your injuries worse in any way.

    You might also need to follow up with auto body shops about the cost of repairs or get quotes and estimates from the shops the insurance companies use to price out your repairs.

    Our lawyers can also begin negotiating a payout with the insurance companies during this time. If they refuse to negotiate in good faith or pay what they owe you, we can begin looking to file your case in court and potentially pursue it all the way through trial. However, if we can convince the insurance companies to settle your case for a fair value and you agree to the negotiated terms, then that might get you the damages you need much sooner.

    Common Injuries from Car Accidents in Eastover, SC

    Car accidents can leave you with a range of injuries. Not everyone will be able to walk away from a crash, but even those who do often face lingering injuries that affect them going forward, resulting in potentially high pain and suffering damages.

    Whiplash is an injury most commonly associated with car crashes. Along with this, broken bones and back injuries can leave you with short-term discomfort lasting at least a few weeks in most cases.

    However, whiplash and back injuries can be long-term injuries as well. Sometimes, whiplash pain and discomfort can linger for years, and back injuries can leave you with potential flare-ups and missed days at work every few weeks.

    More serious injuries like spinal cord injuries, head injuries, and severe broken bones can also lead to long-term discomfort and disabilities. Brain injuries, paralysis, and severe damage to your body can all leave you unable to work or care for yourself going forward, resulting in high damages.

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