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How to Get a Police Report for a Car Accident in Orangeburg, SC

If you were involved in a car accident in Orangeburg, you would usually have several options to get a copy of the police report. While police reports cannot typically be used as evidence, they are incredibly important for insurance negotiations and discovering other evidence.

If someone is involved in a car accident, they might not be aware of the steps they need to take to obtain a copy of their police report. Luckily, there are multiple ways to obtain a police report. The report can be purchased online, in person, or by mail. Usually, the best option is to request it through the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles, but other options might be available. The information included in the police report is crucial and will be valuable in gathering additional evidence for a potential lawsuit.

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How to Get a Copy of Your Police Report for a Car Accident in Orangeburg, SC

In case of a car accident in Orangeburg, the police will usually conduct an investigation and prepare an accident report. There are multiple ways to receive a copy of the police report after the accident. The Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for responding to crashes throughout the county. However, you can obtain your report online, in person, or through the mail from various sources. However, regardless of your chosen method, it is crucial to provide accurate information about the accident and yourself to obtain a copy of the report.

Online Requests

If you have been in a car accident and want to get a copy of your police report, the easiest option is to do so online. Our Orangeburg, SC personal injury lawyers can assist you with the process to ensure that you receive your report promptly. You will usually have a few different online options to select from, one of which is to request it through the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (SCDMV) online portal. In order to request a report, individuals will need to supply their driver’s license and social security numbers. Additionally, they will be asked to provide their date of birth and information pertaining to the accident. The cost of the report is $6.

You can also request your police report from the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office online. However, this option will only be available if the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office investigates your car accident. The cost is usually $5. If not, the best choice is to go through the SCDMV online portal mentioned above.

In Person

Another way to get a copy of your police report is to request it in person. Again, you will have a few options to obtain your report in person if this is the most convenient option for you. The first choice is to go to one of the SCDMV branches closest to you, which can be found here. To process your request, you will also need to complete two copies of the “Request for Copy Collision Report” (SCDMV Form FR-50).

You can also request a copy of your police report in person from the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office. To do so, visit the following address between Monday and Friday:

Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office

1520 Ellis Avenue

Orangeburg, SC 29115

If another law enforcement agency investigated your car accident, it could be possible to request your accident report in person. However, it is best to call ahead and ask the particular agency if your report is available before making the trip down to their offices.

By Mail

Lastly, you can typically obtain a copy of your car accident report through the mail. If this option works best for you, we can help ensure that the right information is sent so that your request is processed as quickly as possible. To request your crash report by mail from the SCDMV, send a check or money order along with the necessary information to the following address:


Titles Mail-in Unit FR-50

PO Box 1498

Blythewood, SC 29016-0050

Keep in mind that cash cannot be accepted. Further, to process your request, be sure to include two copies of the SCDMV Form FR-50 mentioned above.

You can also request a copy of your car accident report by mail directly from the City of Orangeburg’s Records Division if your car accident occurred in city limits. To do so, send your name and accident information with a check or money order to the following address:

Orangeburg Department of Public Safety

Records Division

1320 Middleton Street

Orangeburg, S.C. 29115

How Fast Can I Get a Police Report After a Car Accident in Orangeburg, SC?

Getting your case moving promptly is essential, but it might take some time before your police report is ready. You should wait a few days before asking about your police report. Once the officer has completed the report, it is usually accessible online on the SCDMV’s website within a couple of business days. However, it could be available as quickly as the next business day in some cases. If you have not received your report within a week, please contact our firm immediately. We can assist you in determining the source of the delay in your report.

Of course, if you request your report by mail, the recovery time will take longer than requesting it online or in person. There will usually be a little turnaround time for the office to process your request and then mail it back. That is why requesting it online is still the best way to obtain your report quickly.

Information That is Typically Found in an Orangeburg, SC Police Report for a Car Accident

When an accident occurs in Orangeburg, the police report will contain multiple sections that are crucial for understanding the incident. Accessing this information might prove important in a future lawsuit related to the accident.

Time and Location

In this section, the officers will document the accident’s time, date, and location. They will usually also note the incident’s circumstances and determine the primary party at fault.

Vehicle Information

Providing identifying information about the drivers involved in an accident is also an important section. The officers will document the driver’s name, address, license number, and insurance details. Additionally, this section will specify the driver’s condition during the accident, including whether they were impaired. The driver’s vehicle information, such as damage, will also be recorded here. Lastly, if the driver receives a citation, it will be mentioned in this section.

Injury Information

The section regarding victim information holds great importance. It contains a list of all the individuals who suffered injuries in the accident, along with details about their involvement in the incident. Additionally, this section notes whether or not emergency medical services transported them for emergency treatment.

Officer Narratives and Diagrams

Typically, in this section, there will be a box that displays a diagram of an accident that an officer has created based on the information they have received. Alongside the diagram, the officer usually writes a narrative explaining what the diagram represents.

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