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How to Get a Police Report for a Car Accident in Richland County, SC?

So, you were in a car accident. How do you prove it? Insurance companies will almost certainly need official documentation proving the accident happened. Depending on what other legal action you take, you need more than just your word. Our team can help you get a copy of your accident report from the police.

If you were in an accident and reported it to the police, there is likely a police report about the crash. If not, there should be soon. Exactly where you get copies of a crash report depends on which police department handled the accident. The state authorities might have the report if the accident happened on a state or interstate highway. If local authorities investigated, we should ask them for copies of the report. Requests may often be made online, by mail, or in person, depending on who has the report. If you are unsure where to get copies of the accident report, talk to our legal team. We can help you track down the officers who investigated the accident and check on the status of a report. These reports might be useful when you file an insurance claim or lawsuit. Exactly when the report is ready depends on how extensively the authorities want to investigate.

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Where to Get Copies of Police Reports for Car Accidents in Richland County, SC

Drivers looking for police reports about their accidents often do not know where to begin looking for copies of the report. Who do you call? Do you have to go online? What if you were rushed to the hospital after the accident and do not know the officers who investigated the accident? Our Richland County, SC car accident attorneys can help you get official copies of the crash report for other legal hearings or proceedings you might need them for.

The first issue to review with your lawyer is who handled your accident. Did the state or local authorities respond to the crash scene? If the South Carolina Highway Patrol responded to the crash, we might have to go through the state authorities to get the crash report. If the local authorities responded, we need to figure out which police department was involved so we can contact them about getting a report.

For example, if you were involved in an accident in Columbia, SC, a large city in Richland County, the City of Columbia Police Department might have the report, and we should contact them. Alternatively, county authorities, like the Richland County Sherriff’s Office, might be in charge of the accident and report.

The way we obtain copies of the report might also vary based on the circumstance. Many police departments allow drivers to request copies of police reports online. For example, you can request a copy of the report online through the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles. You may also mail a copy of your request or make the request in person.

What to Do If You Do Not Know Where to Obtain a Copy of Your Accident Report in Richland County, SC

It is not uncommon for injured drivers to not know where to get a copy of the police report about their accidents. Many drivers have fuzzy memories of the accident, and others have no memories because they were knocked unconscious during the crash. Talk to your attorney about your crash, and they can help you figure out where to get a copy of the report.

First, contact an attorney if you have not done so already. Talk about what information you were given by the police officers who responded to the accident. The officers might have given you their card with their name and badge number. They might have given you details about how to follow up with them about the accident. If not, your attorney can help you determine where your report is.

Do you remember which police department responded to the crash? If you know this information, we can find your report much faster. If you do not remember which police department was involved in the crash, the location of the accident might be the clue we need.

Do you remember where your accident happened? The location of the accident is often whose jurisdiction the crash falls under. If you were on a state or interstate highway, the South Carolina Highway Patrol. If you were on a local street, the local authorities of whatever town or city you were in might have been in charge of the accident. Still, the Richland County Sheriff’s Office might be involved.

When Are Police Reports Typically Available in Richland County, SC?

Exactly when a police report is complete and ready depends on several circumstances. Generally, smaller accidents with fewer injuries tend to be investigated more quickly, so reports for these types of accidents tend to be ready more quickly. Your report might be ready for you in just a few weeks or even sooner.

More complex accidents or those involving serious injuries or death tend to be more thoroughly investigated. As such, the police might take longer to complete their report. If a person dies in a car accident, the police will likely take a much longer amount of time to investigate thoroughly.

Talk to your attorney about when your report will be ready. Many reports take at least a few weeks before they are available to drivers. If your report will not be available for some time, perhaps because your accident is more complicated, your attorney should adjust your legal game plan. Insurance claims and lawsuits operate based on very tight deadlines. Your attorney can help you get a copy of the report before your deadline to take legal action expires.

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