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How to Get Footage from a Car Accident in Hartsville, SC

Video evidence of motor vehicle accidents can be especially compelling in injury claims, making obtaining such footage important for victims in Hartsville. Our attorneys will help you get any footage that might help your case.

If you need video footage of your auto accident for your compensation claim, you can possibly get it from eyewitnesses. Witnesses sometimes photograph or film an accident or its aftermath using their phones. Our attorneys can contact any witnesses to request such footage. At the same time, we can speak to local homeowners and business owners to obtain access to footage filmed by surveillance cameras in the area. Because South Carolina does not allow red-light or speed cameras, you cannot get footage from such sources. Once obtained, we can use video footage to meet the burden of proof against the defendant and help you recover the damages you deserve in Hartsville.

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Getting Footage of a Car Accident in Hartsville, SC

Video footage of your auto accident can act as evidence in your compensation claim in Hartsville. To obtain such footage, you might need to speak with eyewitnesses following the accident. Our attorneys can use other resources to get additional footage, such as video from nearby security cameras.

Footage from Witnesses

Because almost everyone has a smartphone these days, it is common for people who witness a motor vehicle accident to film it. Witnesses might film the crash as it takes place or its aftermath. Regardless of the footage filmed by eyewitnesses, our car accident attorneys can obtain it by contacting eyewitnesses in the days after your crash. If you are able, talk to eyewitnesses to ask if they have any videos or photos of the incident. If they do, ask for their contact details so that our attorneys can reach them in the future. In addition to possible video footage or photographs, eyewitnesses might be able to provide testimony explaining the sequence of events as they saw them occur, further strengthening your claim in Hartsville. Upon arrival at the accident scene, police officers might take videos or photos of the area. Our attorneys can get such images when we get the crash report and any other supplemental materials from law enforcement.

Footage from Surveillance Cameras

Hartsville is a small town, but that does not mean there are no local businesses and homes that might have surveillance cameras on their properties in the area. To determine whether or not that is the case, our attorneys will contact nearby business owners and homeowners to inquire about their possible surveillance systems. If those systems were operational at the time of your crash, they could have filmed the incident. We can speak with owners of security cameras immediately so that footage is not deleted, which could be the case as more time passes. If, for some reason, security camera owners are unwilling to provide footage, we can subpoena it to use in your claim in Hartsville.

Footage from Traffic Cameras

Unfortunately for car accident victims, South Carolina does not permit the use of red-light or speed cameras in most instances. This means that it is unlikely that a traffic camera would have filmed your accident. Generally speaking, such traffic cameras only take photos when triggered, not videos, meaning it is rare for red-light and speed cameras to photograph accidents even if they are nearby. And, because our attorneys know that South Carolina does not allow certain traffic cameras, we will be prepared to search for other sources of footage and evidence that will support your car accident claim in Hartsville.

Using Car Accident Footage to Support Your Compensation Claim in Hartsville, SC

Video footage can be strong evidence against a negligent driver in Hartsville. That said, victims may need additional evidence to prove fault and recover damages.

While footage of an auto accident can help to prove several elements of your case, such as duty of care and breach of duty of care, you will likely need additional evidence to round out your lawsuit. Alone, footage cannot necessarily prove all elements of an injury claim. We will need to present other proof, such as proof of your damages and injuries, during the course of your case.

That said, video footage can be incredibly useful. We can use it to show that the defendant was involved in the accident. Depending on the scope of the footage and its clarity, it might also show the defendant committing the negligent act that caused your injuries. For example, the footage might show the defendant speeding, running a stoplight, or engaging in other negligent activity. Footage might also show the property damage to your car and the point of impact, helping to prove that the defendant’s negligence caused your injuries.

Because video evidence is often so useful to auto accident injury claims in Hartsville, victims should be proactive. Assuming that you can access video footage or that there are devices nearby capable of filming the accident might harm your claim in the future. Because of this, it is important for victims to film and photograph their injuries at the accident site. You can also film the entire scene, including any apparent damage to your vehicle or debris in the area. Once you have gotten the proper medical attention, contact our attorneys immediately so that we can determine if other devices in the area might have filmed the collision. If so, we will contact the owners of those cameras immediately to obtain such footage before it is deleted or lost.

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