Red Bank Crash Needs Helicopter

A car crash caused one vehicle to flip over, trapping an injured person inside. Lifenet was called to the scene to assist.
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B and R News Story for 9-4-2020

Car Accident in Red Bank, SC Needs Helicopter 

A peaceful Tuesday afternoon turned chaotic in Red Bank around 4:15 pm this week. During a car accident, the entire front end of one car was destroyed and that car was then flipped on its roof on the road. 

A LifeNet helicopter was required for medical assistance for one of the people involved. LifeNet is a helicopter ambulance service for medical emergencies.

Reported by the Lexington Ledger

Red Bank, SC (Paul Kirby) – A serious vehicle collision on Old Orangeburg Road in front of Saxe Gotha Elementary School flipped one of the cars involved, seriously injuring at least one person…

The first firefighters on the scene reported that they had someone trapped in a vehicle that was involved. When EMS crews and their supervisors arrived, a medical helicopter was requested for the most seriously injured person. Additional personnel were dispatched to a designated landing zone for safety as the helicopter landed and took off… 


There is no information available on the condition of the people that were involved in the collision. The SC Highway Patrol is in charge of investigating this incident.

Be safe on the roads, South Carolina!

With schools opening again and increased traffic on South Carolina’s roadways, we’d like to remind drivers to follow defensive driving practices.

10 tips for defensive driving

  1. Keep your attention on the road at all times.
  2. Focus on what is in front of you but also be aware of what is happening on all sides and far ahead.
  3. Don’t speed. Speeding is a major factor in motor vehicle accidents and fatalities.
  4. Wear your seat belt every time.
  5. If you aren’t sure who has the right of way, let the other driver go first.
  6. Always stop for a red light. Be extra alert at intersections.
  7. Always signal before turning or merging. 
  8. Expect other drivers to make mistakes.
  9. Use more caution and slow down in poor weather conditions.
  10. Always stay at least 3 seconds away from the car in front of you (or more if there is rain, snow, ice, or fog).

Sometimes, no matter how well you drive, accidents still happen to even the best of drivers. If you have been seriously hurt in a car accident and the other driver was at fault, you may need legal representation to be sure you get all the compensation you deserve for your injuries, pain and suffering, and damages.

Are you looking for a car accident attorney in South Carolina?

At Burriss and Ridgeway, we would be glad to provide a free consultation to you to see if we can help you fight the insurance and represent your interests in case you need to go to court. We have years of experience and treat our clients with compassion and understanding. 

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