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Should I See a Doctor, See a Chiropractor, or Go to the ER After a Car Crash in South Carolina?

Car crashes in South Carolina can be traumatic and are quite common. Most people understand the importance of seeking medical care after a car accident but might be unsure which medical professionals they should visit.

Some car accident victims might not see the need to visit an emergency room or their primary care doctor following an accident. There are, however, several important reasons for receiving medical treatment just after a car accident. An emergency room has the resources to check for any hidden injuries that go unnoticed. You will also usually receive recommendations to see other specialists, like a chiropractor. Each type of doctor can support your health and case in different ways.

If you are unsure of which doctors you should see after being injured in a car crash, our South Carolina car accident lawyers can help you determine which professionals to see. For a free case review, call Burriss Ridgeway Injury Lawyers at (803) 451-4000.

Should I Visit the Emergency Room After a Car Crash in South Carolina?

In worst-case scenarios, visiting the emergency room will be necessary to treat serious injuries and receive life-saving procedures. Other car accident victims might feel well enough that they do not believe they need the services of an emergency room and visit an urgent care center instead. However, there are important reasons for visiting an emergency room immediately after a car crash.

Visiting the Emergency Room After a Car Accident

If you sustained a significant injury in a car accident, like fractures and airbag burns, the decision to visit an emergency room is easily made. However, many types of injuries might not reveal themselves for hours or even days after an accident, including whiplash, herniated spinal disks, and other internal injuries. Therefore, it is critical to seek care from emergency room doctors immediately after a car accident to diagnose any hidden injuries.

Visiting the emergency room after a car crash is also the best way to begin documenting your injuries for insurance purposes. Documenting your injuries early will be important in future insurance negotiations since insurance adjusters tend to give more credence to a doctor’s opinions.

Visiting an Urgent Care Center After a Car Accident

If your car accident injuries are less severe, you might decide to visit an urgent care center. Urgent care centers are usually less expensive than emergency room visits. However, urgent care centers typically do not have the equipment and resources of an emergency room, which could lead to some injuries going undiagnosed.

However, a startling pattern has been developing that people should be aware of before deciding to visit an urgent care facility. Many urgent care centers are increasingly turning away patients with perfectly valid car insurance to avoid waiting for payments from insurance providers. Victims are sometimes denied treatment, forcing them to seek more expensive care at an emergency room, which cannot legally turn away a victim. Our Columbia car accident lawyers can help if you are unsure where you should receive your initial treatment.

Should I Visit a Chiropractor After a Car Crash in South Carolina?

In many car crash cases, visiting a chiropractor will be part of your continuing treatment to recover fully. Fortunately, most insurance policies provide for chiropractic treatment.

However, a chiropractor is not the first doctor you should visit on your road to recovery. You should receive treatment from a hospital or your primary care physician first. The doctor that treats you there will provide recommendations on which specialist you should see to continue treatment. Your doctor will often recommend chiropractic treatment as part of your treatment plan. Also, insurance adjusters usually give more credence to chiropractic treatment if it was prescribed by a doctor other than a chiropractor. Our Sumter car accident lawyers can help if you are unsure how to locate and make an appointment with a chiropractor near you.

Should I Visit My Primary Care Doctor After a Car Crash in South Carolina?

Even if you believe your injuries are not that serious, you should still plan to visit your primary care physician within at least 48 hours after the accident if you have one. Just like visiting an ER doctor, your primary care physician will be able to evaluate you for injuries you might not have noticed initially after the accident. The medical records generated by your visits with your primary doctor will also be important for insurance settlements and future litigation. However, your doctor might also have trouble billing your car insurance, just like an urgent care center would. If you do not have a primary care doctor or your doctor does not take payment from car insurance, our South Carolina car crash lawyers can help you determine the best course forward.

What If I Did Not Seek Medical Care Immediately After My South Carolina Car Crash?

If you did not receive medical care immediately after a car accident in South Carolina, do not panic. While not consulting a doctor just after an accident can make insurance negotiations more difficult, it does not put an end to your chances at recovery. However, you should see a doctor as soon as possible.

Arguably the biggest concern for most car accident victims is the cost of visiting a doctor. Most car insurance policies’ personal injury protection coverage will pay for these visits, and you can also file with your health insurance after a car accident. Even if you do not have insurance, some doctors might treat you under what is known as a letter of protection, which agrees to pay the doctor back from any personal injury settlement or award you might recover. Our South Carolina car crash lawyers can ensure that you are treated fairly by insurance companies if you receive your medical care later after an accident.

Our South Carolina Car Crash Lawyers Can Help

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