What You Should and Should Not Say to an Insurance Adjuster in South Carolina

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After an accident is reported to insurance, the provider may assign agents to reach out to victims to ask questions or get statements. The goal is not to get to the truth but to find ways to reduce the insurance company’s liability. Avoid making any statements of fault or accepting their version of the story.

An even better strategy would be to avoid talking to the insurance representatives at all. Instead of having to watch your step through a difficult and stressful conversation, you can have your lawyer handle all communication on your behalf. This can alleviate your stress and minimize the chances that a simple mistake could impact your recovery.

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What You Should Know About Talking to Insurance Adjusters After an Accident in South Carolina

After you are involved in an accident in South Carolina, either you, the other party, the police, or some combination of these parties will likely report the accident to the responsible party’s insurance company. Shortly after receiving the report, insurance companies often designate an agent to reach out to the victim or victims. These agents, also known as claims adjusters, are tasked with handling your case in their employer’s best interests.

This is important to remember. Even though you may hear in commercials or advertising that insurance companies are there to help you, they are businesses that adhere to their own bottom line first. Their goal is not to help the injured party or even the party they insure. If they can take steps that will reduce their liability in the case of an accident, they will take them.

Insurance companies (and their claims adjusters) will often try to reduce liability after an accident by shifting the blame from the insured party. Therefore, they will use certain strategies to attempt to get the victim to inadvertently accept blame for their own accident, releasing them from liability.

What to Avoid in Conversations with Insurance Adjusters in South Carolina

If you find yourself discussing your recent personal injury with an insurance claims adjuster from the other side’s insurance provider, there are some critical areas that you should watch out for. Many potential claimants fall into these traps every year, so even though some may seem obvious, it is important to bear this advice in mind.

You should never admit to any fault in the accident or your injuries. This encompasses more than just not saying that you made a mistake. Even blanket concessions, such as saying that you are “sorry” about the accident, can be used against you in court. Insurance claims adjusters know that they can introduce statements that you make to them that are against your own interest, and they will try to twist your words until they fit their narrative.

Sometimes, the best way to do that is to use their own words. This is why insurance claims adjusters may try to get you to confirm the version of events that they have. In these cases, the insurance company often constructs the narrative to fit a story where they can deny coverage, either by claiming that it falls outside their client’s insurance coverage or that you or someone else was primarily responsible for the accident.

Even by proving that you were only partially responsible, the insurance company can save money through South Carolina’s modified comparative negligence rule, which reduces the amount a plaintiff can recover by the percentage of fault they share for the accident.

Do You Have to Talk to Insurance Adjusters in South Carolina?

Thinking about having conversations with slick insurance agents while avoiding saying anything that could harm you might sound difficult. A much easier option is always available to you – don’t talk to them.

No law requires potential plaintiffs or personal injury victims to discuss their experience with the other party’s insurance company. No matter what they say or how much pressure they try to exert on you, it is up to you to decide whether you talk to them or not. We would advise you to decline all requests for an interview or phone call and instead designate your South Carolina personal injury attorney to handle all conversations with the insurance company on your behalf.

You are completely within your rights to direct the insurance company to contact your lawyer or to have your lawyer on the phone or with you in person during all conversations with insurance representatives. Instead of having to think about what you should and shouldn’t say to insurance claims adjusters, it can be relieving to have the experience and resources of a Sumter personal injury lawyer to help you from making a mistake that reduces your potential recovery value.

Should You Talk to Your South Carolina Personal Injury Lawyer Before the Insurance Adjuster?

To have the best possible chance of recovery without the potential pitfalls of making statements against your interest to insurance agents, it is important to reach out to a seasoned Lexington personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. The only step that takes priority over contacting an attorney after an accident is getting medical treatment.

Once your injuries are assessed, diagnosed, and treated, reach out for legal help as soon as possible. If the other side’s insurance company reaches out to you before you have had the chance, we urge you to decline to speak with them until you have had the chance to discuss your situation with your attorneys. Many insurance claims adjusters will try to take advantage of claimants who they believe do not have legal representation, so you can use this opportunity to send a clear message that you are serious about your recovery.

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