Suspect Flees a Hit-and-Run in Irmo Then Causes a 3-Car Wreck

A suspect flees the scene of an accident at Kroger in Irmo going 90 mph then causes a second wreck.
Police motorcycle stopped near red car that has been damaged in a wreck with a tow truck.

When a driver is involved in a wreck, that person is required by law to stay on the scene and wait for the police to arrive to investigate. When a driver leaves, it is considered a hit-and-run. This is a criminal offense.


Reported by the Lexington Ledger

Irmo, SC (Paul Kirby) – 

The hit and run collision happened at the Kroger on St. Andrews Road at Lake Murray Boulevard. One of the drivers involved in that collision did not stop but instead fled at a high rate of speed toward Irmo High School. An Irmo police officer measured his speed at approximately 90 mph on busy St. Andrews Road just before the second collision occurred. 

When the suspect’s car crossed the Town’s boundaries into Lexington County, he caused another collision that involved two other vehicles. His car was seriously damaged and a pickup truck he hit was overturned.  This happened at Crossroad Intermediate School.

One of the other two vehicles was propelled over to the gravel bed of the CXS railroad tracks there. The fleeing suspect was injured in that collision. Several occupants from the other vehicles he involved also needed medical attention.  


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