SUV Crashes into Home in Oak Grove

A Jeep runs into a home's front door in Lexington county, hitting and injuring a child in the home.
Ambulance with lights on speeding through a city

A Jeep ran into the front door of a home in Lexington County. A child was playing in the front room of the house at the time and was hit.

According to the Lexington Ledger

Oak Grove, SC (Paul Kirby) – A small SUV rammed into a home Friday morning injuring one person. This happened in the 500 block of Chisholm Way… just off Mineral Springs Road.

According to Lexington County officials, the driver ran off the road, collided with the home, and came to rest in the home’s living room. A child playing in that room of the home was struck by the vehicle. The injured were treated by Lexington County EMS on scene before being transported to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.


What made the driver lose control of the Jeep is under investigation by the SCHP.

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