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What Am I Entitled To While Out Of Work For My Injury In South Carolina?

Burriss & Ridgeway | May 4, 2014

work injuryAn individual is entitled to be paid while they are out of work with a job related injury. The pay they receive is called Temporary Total Disability or TTD. TTD payments do not begin until the employee is out for seven days or more. If the employee is injured for seven days, the temporary compensation begins on the eighth calendar day of incapacity. If the employee is out for more than 14 calendar days, the employee is entitled to be reimbursed for temporary wages back to the day of the injury. The 7 and 14 day periods do not need to be consecutive. TTD is calculated taking an average of the individual’s weekly wages for the 12 month period prior to the job related accident.

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By Wayne Ridgeway