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Columbia, SC Attorney for Personal Injury Case Referrals
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    Columbia, SC Attorney for Personal Injury Case Referrals

    Our Columbia personal injury lawyers are open to taking referrals from other attorneys inside and outside South Carolina whose clients need help with personal injury cases. If you practice in another field of law or have an out-of-state client who was injured in South Carolina, our attorneys can help.

    Our lawyers have been representing injured drivers, pedestrians, workers, and more for over 25 years, and we fight to get our clients the maximum compensation allowed to them under the law. If your current caseload does not permit you to take on a client or you do not have the experience to handle their injury case, consider referring the case to us today.

    For a free case review, call Burriss Ridgeway Injury Lawyers to speak with our Columbia, SC attorneys for personal injury case referrals. Our phone number is (803) 451-4000.

    Types of Cases Our Injury Attorneys Handle in Columbia, SC

    Our Columbia attorneys for personal injury case referrals handle a wide range of injury cases and topics. Our attorneys are prepared to handle everyday accident cases like slip and falls or other premises liability claims, as well as car accidents and other common injuries. We also help with more complex litigation, including trucking accident claims, construction accidents, medical malpractice, and nursing home abuse.

    Many of these cases are common practice for personal injury attorneys. We are readily prepared to represent clients seeking compensation for car accident, motorcycle accident, and truck accident injuries. We can also represent clients injured in stores, sidewalks, or private residences.

    Some of these more complex cases require more experience and knowledge about the particular subject matter. Truck accidents, for example, often involve complex questions of respondeat superior law, especially in cases where drivers might have been violating company policies by driving under the influence or failing to follow FMCSA trucking regulations. Construction accidents also have similar layers of regulatory rules that govern these accidents and make litigation more complex. Medical malpractice and nursing home abuse cases can also be incredibly complex because of the inherently complex medical questions and because the defense typically controls all the evidence and often makes these cases difficult to pursue. Nursing home cases might also deal with respondeat superior issues, as outright abuse is against company policy in any nursing home.

    Our Columbia attorneys for personal injury case referrals also handle other types of injury cases. If you have a case you need to refer to our attorneys, we are ready to discuss the case in a free case review.

    Why Refer Your Case to Our Columbia, SC Injury Attorneys?

    Our Columbia attorneys for personal injury case referrals have decades of experience practicing law in South Carolina, using South Carolina’s Rules of Evidence, following South Carolina court rules and procedures, and helping our clients recover compensation under South Carolina law. If you are an out-of-state attorney who is not barred in South Carolina, you can refer your clients to our firm, knowing that experienced local counsel will take care of them.

    Additionally, suppose you are an in-state attorney who practices in another area of law. In that case, our attorneys may be able to help your clients with injury claims that are simply outside your area of practice. Many lay people do not understand that attorneys often work in one particular area of law and may come to you seeking help with an injury case, even if you are their criminal defense attorney or divorce lawyer. Referring your client to a lawyer who is more experienced with personal injury law might be the best form of advocacy you can provide them.

    Our attorneys also understand that small or growing practices can get busy. Our attorneys are also willing and able to accept referrals from local attorneys and general practitioners who simply do not have room in their caseload right now and still want to set potential clients up for success.

    South Carolina Personal Injury Laws

    There are a few laws in South Carolina that might be different in your home state and could affect how cases are handled here. Our Columbia attorneys for personal injury case referrals are familiar with these laws and will make sure to follow them in your client’s case.

    First, South Carolina is an at-fault state for car insurance. This means that cases will typically begin with a third-party insurance claim against the other driver’s insurance. South Carolina’s state minimum for insurance is only $25,000 per person for injury, so many injury cases must be filed as lawsuits against the at-fault driver to get the victim full compensation. Additionally, drivers in South Carolina are required to carry uninsured motorist coverage, which can help car accident victims in hit-and-run cases. Uninsured motorist coverage must be offered, but drivers do not have to accept it – so this may or may not help in each client’s particular case.

    South Carolina’s contributory negligence rules follow a modified comparative negligence statute with a “51% rule.”  That means the case will be blocked if the victim shares a higher percentage of fault than the defendant. This is different from surrounding states, with North Carolina’s pure contributory negligence rule that bars damages at even low percentages of shared fault or Georgia’s 50% bar that bars recovery in a 50/50 case.

    In South Carolina, the statute of limitations on injury cases is three years, which is different from some nearby states and often gives victims more time to file. Nonetheless, clients should begin speaking with our Columbia attorneys for personal injury case referrals as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary delays.

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