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Jasper Car Accident Lawyer
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    Jasper Car Accident Lawyer

    Car accidents are more common in Jasper than we would hope. However, our lawyers are here to help you get justice if you are eventually the victim of another driver’s negligence.

    While car accidents happen in countless ways, our team has the experience to help you win your case. We know what evidence will help show how the driver caused the accident and how to show your damages. We will assess your financial and non-economic losses so all your damages are covered, including the ones you were unaware of. Our attorneys will also be able to tell you how much time you have to file your claim and whether the circumstances allow you additional time to file. Do not hesitate to reach out to our lawyers if you need help getting the compensation you are owed.

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    Common Ways Car Accidents Happen in Jasper, SC

    While car accidents can occur in numerous ways, some causes are more common than others. However, driver negligence is at the root of most collisions. That is why having our car accident attorneys investigate how your crash was caused is important. Determining who is responsible and why the accident occurred will help us develop a theory of your case and point us to other pieces of evidence we should collect.

    Many car accidents in Jasper are caused when drivers commit basic traffic violations, like speeding or running a red light. If the driver caused your injuries because they violated a traffic law, the police would likely have issued a ticket. We can often use a traffic ticket as evidence of liability during insurance negotiations. If they pled guilty, your case might settle quickly.

    Distracted drivers are responsible for more accidents than ever. Many victims are injured by drivers more focused on a text they are sending or talking on the phone. However, an accident can happen in the split second a driver takes their eyes off the road. If you suspect the driver who injured you was on their phone, our team can obtain copies of their phone records and review them to determine if they were using the device. If records show calls or texts made just before or at the approximate time of the accident, it will help prove the driver’s liability.

    Other types of car accidents should never happen, but unfortunately, they still do. Many accident claims are filed for injuries caused by drunk drivers. Other complaints are against reckless drivers for excessive speeding and weaving through traffic. If your injuries were caused by another person’s reckless or egregious driving, our lawyers can help you pursue “punitive” damages, which are meant to punish this type of behavior. We will also investigate the accident scene to see if nearby surveillance cameras captured the reckless driver’s acts.

    When You Should File a Car Accident Claim in Jasper, SC

    As a general rule, it is best to start your accident claim as soon as possible. You will not only have a better chance of gathering the evidence you need and a better memory of the events, but you must also file within a certain time to recover compensation. The “statute of limitations” is used to balance the victim’s right to pursue justice with the court’s limited time and resources. S.C. Code Ann. § 15-3-530(5) only allows victims three years from the date of their car accident to file a lawsuit.

    This is a strict time limit. In most cases, the court will dismiss a claim if it is filed three years after the accident date. While the court believes a lawsuit will be filed sooner rather than later if it is serious, sometimes circumstances prevent that from happening. If your statute of limitations is approaching or has passed, we can see if an exception applies to your case.

    Persons Under Disability

    Those with a recognized disability will usually have more time to file their claims. “Persons” in this sense means minors and those with disabilities that prevent them from suing.

    For instance, car accident victims younger than 18 are not expected to file their claims within three years. Under S.C. Code Ann. § 15-3-40(1), the time until they turn 18 will not count against the statute of limitations. The clock will begin to run once the minor turns 18. From there, a victim will have three years from their 18th birthday to file their lawsuit.

    You might also have more time if you were affected by a disability when the accident occurred. However, the disability must be such that you cannot understand your rights or competently file a lawsuit. Section 15-3-40(2) uses the outdated language “insane” to describe disabilities, but any disability that prevented you from exercising your legal rights could qualify.

    However, this exception will only provide five additional years to file regardless of whether the condition remains, according to Section 15-3-40(2)(a). Once the disability ceases, Section 15-3-40(2)(b) allows victims one additional year from that date to file a claim.

    Out-of-State Defendants

    Sometimes, a defendant will try to escape responsibility by leaving the state. You can file a lawsuit if you know their name, but you cannot legally serve them the complaint if you do not know where they are. Fortunately, the time the defendant is absent from the state will not count against your statute of limitations, according to Section 15-3-30. However, you will need to file your claim once the defendant returns. Our lawyers can help you locate a defendant who does not want to be found and see how we can get them to return to answer for their actions.

    Damages You Can Recover for a Car Accident in Jasper, SC

    You can likely recover a range of damages for your car accident. However, what damages you can claim will depend on your injuries, treatment, and how the accident has impacted your life. If your accident was relatively minor, you might only need compensation for your immediate medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

    Those with serious injuries will often need much more compensation. Fortunately, you can claim future medical costs and lost earnings if your injuries take longer to recover from. For instance, if you need long-term physical therapy or take a lower-paying job because of your injuries, you can claim those losses.

    You can also claim property damage. This could be the cost of your vehicle or compensation for rental payments.

    A major component of your damages is your non-economic damages. Our lawyers can help assess how living with your injuries has affected your daily life. For instance, you can be compensated for living with physical pain and emotional distress.

    Our Jasper, SC Car Accident Lawyers Can Help You Get the Compensation You Deserve

    Reach out to our car accident lawyers at Burriss Ridgeway Injury Lawyers by calling (803) 451-4000 for a free evaluation of your case.