Pedestrian Killed—Two Notch Rd

A person attempted to cross the street on Two Notch Rd. late at night and was hit and killed by a vehicle.
closeup of feet walking across center of street at night with car lights coming

Pedestrian Killed on Two Notch Rd in Columbia


Unfortunately, Richland County has experienced it’s 34th traffic-related fatality, including a total of 9 pedestrian deaths, for 2020.


The State Newspaper reports that Lance Cpl. Tyler Tidwell said a pedestrian was walking across Two Notch Road around 11:15pm when the person was hit by a 2018 Dodge Challenger heading north. This occurred near Maingate Drive. This road is often very busy, even late at night. 


The pedestrian was treated at a Richland County Prisma Health Hospital, but succumbed to the injuries.


We care about the wellbeing of every South Carolinian which is why we provide safety tips to help keep drivers, passengers, bicyclists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians safe. 


Pedestrian Safety 

We have had too many pedestrian deaths in South Carolina this year. One of the most dangerous times for people to be walking near the roadways is at night. Other risk factors for pedestrians to be involved in an accident with a motor vehicle include alcohol consumption prior to walking or using medications or drugs that could cause drowsiness or impaired judgement.


We would encourage people not to walk or drive if they are not sober and to follow all SC safety guidelines to prevent tragic accidents.


People over 65 should be especially careful when walking as they account for 20% of all pedestrian deaths, according to the CDC. And young children should never walk alone at any time near roadways.


The CDC reports that “most pedestrian deaths occur in urban areas, at non-intersection locations, and at night.”


Safety Tips for Walking at Night

  1. Don’t wear dark colored clothing. Wear white or something reflective and highly visible.
  2. Carry a light so that drivers can see you more easily.
  3. Do not walk in the road. Drivers will not expect people to be on the roadways.
  4. In the city, only cross the street at traffic lights with crosswalks.
  5. Don’t assume drivers can see you.
  6. Consider getting a ride from a friend or Uber/Lyft instead of walking along a busy road at night with no sidewalk or shoulder.
  7. Walk facing traffic so you can see what is happening.
  8. Keep your eyes on the road and the traffic. Drivers can do unexpected things sometimes.
  9. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by earphones, music, or your phone.
  10. When possible, try to avoid walking at night. Try to walk during the day for exercise or use a treadmill inside if you are simply walking for exercise. If you need to walk to the store, try to go during daylight hours.

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