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What Medical Records Do You Need to Support a Car Accident Claim in South Carolina?

Do not underestimate the importance medical records have in car accident cases in South Carolina. The more compelling your medical evidence is, the greater your chance of recovery.

Any medical records pertaining to injuries caused by another driver can be used to support your case in South Carolina. This will include records detailing your immediate treatment and any long-term medical care, like physical therapy. Records explaining pre-existing injuries or conditions might also be necessary. Since you are filing an injury claim, you must prove that you have been injured because of the defendant and incurred damages because of those injuries. In addition to medical records, victims may need copies of bills or invoices they receive during the course of their treatment. Such information can be crucial to recovering economic damages in South Carolina.

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Medical Records Used to Support Car Accident Claims in South Carolina

When suing for a car accident injury in South Carolina, you must be able to provide proof that those injuries exist. This is why you must have records of your medical treatment to reinforce your auto accident claim.

Start by getting records from your initial trip to the hospital after a crash. All motor vehicle accident injuries, whether they appear minor or severe, should be given medical attention. Accept care from paramedics who arrive at the accident scene and allow them to take you to the nearest hospital.

Our South Carolina car accident attorneys can use this immediate medical evidence to prove that you were injured because of the crash in question and not because of some non-related incident. If you fail to visit the hospital and get your injuries confirmed right away, your case might be jeopardized.

Additionally, you will require medical records that document your treatment and progress. If you are instructed to see specific medical specialists as part of your treatment plan, do so. Depending on your injuries, you might require care from neurologists, spinal cord surgeons, or physical therapists. You may be prescribed various medications for your injuries, such as medications to help you deal with both physical and emotional pain.

Do your best to comply with all aspects of your treatment plan. If you do not do this, as much will be noted in medical records. It is important to have thorough medical evidence of your physical injuries to use in your case in South Carolina.

Do You Need Medical Records of Pre-Existing Conditions for Your Car Accident Claim in South Carolina?

Sometimes, auto accident victims have pre-existing injuries or conditions that might impact their cases. If this pertains to you, you should provide our lawyers with records of any pre-existing conditions so that we can prove they are unrelated to the injuries sustained in a crash in South Carolina.

Suppose you had a pre-existing back injury and were further injured in a motor vehicle accident. In such a situation, it will be important to distinguish a pre-existing condition from the injuries caused by the at-fault driver. Our Sumter, SC car accident attorneys can use medical records from prior to a crash to show that your current injuries only came about after an accident in South Carolina.

While handing over medical records can feel invasive to victims, it is important for the success of your case. Differentiating pre-existing injuries from newly sustained injuries can be complicated and might require additional help from medical experts. Such experts can review all pertinent medical records, including those from before and after an accident, and give statements explaining how any injuries or conditions you had before a crash are wholly separate from those suffered in a collision. If you are unable to separate these things, it might be harder to get compensation for the damages you incurred because of another driver.

Using Medical Bills to Support Car Accident Claims in South Carolina

While medical records detailing your injuries, their likely cause, and their required treatment will be necessary to the success of your car accident claim, so will your medical bills. Such information can result in a more accurate calculation of your economic damages in South Carolina.

While you must prove that another person’s negligence caused your injuries to secure compensation, you must also prove that you incurred real damages. This refers to the losses you have faced in the aftermath of an accident. In most cases, victims are mostly impacted by the cost of medical treatment.

So, it is incredibly important that you keep careful track of all medical expenses related to your injuries. Any invoices or bills you receive for treatment, whether for surgeries or prescription medications, should be sent to our lawyers. Such documentation can then be used as proof of damages in your case and be considered when calculating economic damages.

If you have incurred any other losses whatsoever because of a car accident in South Carolina, monitor those losses as well. Because auto accidents can be so damaging to victims, they often miss time from work, resulting in lost wages. Such losses are also compensable in claims.

In addition to compensation for your financial losses, you may be able to recover damages associated with your pain and suffering. Thorough medical records can help illustrate the extent of your physical and emotional injuries.

In addition to a victim’s medical records, we will use a combination of other evidence, such as video footage, witness statements, incident reports, and photographs, to prove fault in South Carolina.

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