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What Type of Doctor Should You See After a Car Accident in South Carolina?

A car accident is one of the most traumatic events you can be involved in. Seeking medical help after a South Carolina car accident is crucial to your recovery, and your treatment records will be important for insurance claims or future legal actions. But what type of doctors should you see after a South Carolina car accident to make sure you get the proper care?

Emergency room physicians at the hospital are the first doctors you should seek care from immediately after an accident. Following that, your treatment will consist of visits with your primary care physician and any specialists you may need to see for your injuries. Failing to follow or continue treatment plans will hinder your South Carolina car accident injury case and could prevent you from recovering the compensation you need.

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What Type of Doctors Should I See After a South Carolina Car Accident?

The type of doctors you visit will play a different role in your recovery, depending on the injuries you suffered. While you should seek immediate medical attention at the emergency room after a South Carolina car accident, you should also stay on top of your ongoing treatment with other health care providers. You might be required to see certain specialists, depending on your injuries. The records made by your physicians will be necessary evidence used to prove your injuries when filing an injury claim.

Emergency Room Physicians

An emergency room physician will be the first doctor you see after your South Carolina Accident. Emergency room physicians are trained to handle traumatic events like car accidents and are familiar with the types of injuries they cause. In the unfortunate event that you need surgery for your injuries, emergency room physicians will provide you with the necessary operations to preserve your health. Importantly, the records they make will be the closest in time to the accident and could include important details you reported to the doctor that will be vital to your South Carolina car accident claim later.

Primary Care Physicians

If you have a primary care physician, it is important to understand how best their care can contribute to your case. While your primary care physician might be the doctor most familiar with your medical history, they may not be the best option when it comes to treating car accident injuries.

Car accident injuries involve specific injuries to different body parts and systems that require specialized treatment. Your primary care physician likely doesn’t have the facilities or staff to adequately treat you, so they shouldn’t be your first choice when seeking care for your South Carolina car accident.

However, you will likely want to keep your primary care physician informed, as your car accident injuries could have an impact on the treatments you were already undergoing. Also, the records and notes that your primary care physician keeps after each visit could go a long way in corroborating the reports from your specialists and emergency room physicians.


Most likely, you will need to visit various specialists to address your South Carolina car accident injuries. This will, of course, depend on the injuries you suffered and could involve several rounds of treatment and tests. The following is a list of the most common types of specialists you might need to see:

  • Chiropractor
  • Physical therapist
  • Neurologist
  • Orthopedist
  • Psychiatrist

Our South Carolina personal injury lawyer can be incredibly helpful here. Our South Carolina car accident lawyers can help you identify the right type of specialist to continue your care with and help you obtain important records after your visits. Keeping appointments and following medical recommendations will be crucial to show you prevented your injuries from getting worse.

Why Should I Get Treatment After a South Carolina Car Accident?

Not getting the proper medical care after a South Carolina car accident could negatively impact your health and any compensation you hope to recover in the future. Failing to go to the emergency room or seek medical help just after a car accident could call into question the seriousness of your injuries. Also, important details of your South Carolina car accident or physical evidence of certain injuries might not be recorded if time is wasted.

Emergency room records usually indicate that the injuries were caused during a car accident, which will help later when your Columbia car accident lawyer argues how the car accident caused your injuries. Without this vital medical evidence, your South Carolina car accident lawyers might not have any evidence to connect your injuries to the crash beyond your own testimony.

Just as important as starting treatment immediately is continuing treatment for your car accident injuries. The records your specialist keeps will likely be the most thorough regarding your injuries and will be part of the evidence used to determine the amount of compensation you could recover.

It’s all-too-common for people to begin treatment strongly, never missing an appointment, only to waiver near the end. When you miss treatments or fail to see prescribed specialists, insurance adjusters and defense lawyers will argue that your injuries are not nearly as serious as you claim. They may even claim that any lingering injuries are your fault because you allowed the injuries to go untreated or to get worse. The commonsense thinking is that people who are truly injured will want to cure their pain. Our South Carolina car accident lawyers can help you make sure important treatment dates are kept so that you are not left vulnerable to attacks on your South Carolina car accident injury claim.

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