Who Is Responsible for a Slip and Fall Accident in SC?

Are you unsure of who should take responsibility for a slip and fall accident in South Carolina? This quick guide breaks down responsibility for you.
Attorneys for Slip and Falls in SC

Think of a slip and fall accident, and you probably think of stepping in a puddle. Such a fall may bruise your elbow or sprain your hip. 

But slips trips and falls can be devastating. In 2019, 244,000 Americans suffered injuries that required them to stay home from work. 880 workers died. 

Determining who was responsible for an accident is important. Yet, it can be difficult to figure out who is to blame. 

How is the liability for a slip and fall accident determined? For example, does the jury consider the prior conduct of the property owner or victim? What other factors does a jury look at when finalizing payouts? 

Answer these questions, and you can resolve your slip and fall liability claims in no time. Here is your quick guide. 

Investigating the Slip and Fall Accident

How the accident occurred goes a long way toward determining who is responsible. Every witness to the accident should provide a witness statement, including the person who got injured. In addition, they should write down or record themselves saying what they saw and did. 

Surveillance footage and audio recordings are also important. Statements may be incomplete or biased. Even if the accident itself was not recorded, videos of surrounding areas could help investigators understand what happened. 

A doctor should examine the injured person’s body. If they need to be hospitalized, they should go to the hospital. The doctor should submit a statement or document outlining the person’s injuries and treatments. 

If you may have been responsible or injured, you should hire a South Carolina personal injury lawyer. Google “slip and fall lawyer near me” to find one. This may sound excessive.

But a lawyer will remind you of your rights and expedite the liability process. They can examine documents, interview witnesses, and decide as to what happened. 

Determining Slip and Fall Liability 

Premises liability law is the area of law that covers slips and falls accidents in SC. It gives extensive rights to the victim. A property owner can be held responsible if one of three conditions are met. 

The first is prior knowledge. The property owner may have known about the dangerous condition yet failed to correct it. Their failure may come as a deliberate choice or because they forgot to make reforms. 

The second is reasonableness. The property owner should have known about the danger and then taken steps. 

The third is causation. The property owner created the danger itself. For example, they may have ordered the victim to act dangerously or not know the victim. 

Interpreting Reasonableness 

Many decisions in liability cases come down to common sense. Reasonableness has to do with what the average person would do in response to a dangerous situation. 

If a spill is on a floor, an average person would go and clean it up. That is a reasonable thing to do to avoid an accident. However, if the owner does not clean the spill, they may be liable. 

But a jury will consider other factors. They will look at how long the dangerous situation existed. If the spill had appeared on the floor moments before the accident, the owner might not have had enough time to clean it up. 

They will examine if the owner had regular procedures for inspecting their premises. If they did, they show a history of reasonable actions. This may make them more liable after an accident occurs. 

Examining Carelessness 

As you might guess, the jury can take into account the responsibility of the injured person. This is because South Carolina follows a comparative negligence rule.

This means that a jury can limit compensation if the victim bears responsibility for the accident. If the injured person was the party most responsible, they might not receive compensation at all. 

The jury will examine numerous factors when determining carelessness. First, they will look at warning signs posted around the area. If the victim ignored those signs, the jury would regard them as careless. 

They will look at how the victim behaved leading up to the accident. For example, they may have been running or following improper procedures. 

They can examine whether the victim was drinking or consuming drugs. Intoxication can make a person more prone to accidents. 

Carelessness is another reason why you should hire a Columbia slip and fall attorney. Even if you are largely responsible for the accident, your attorney will point to the other party’s culpability. That will affect payout rates.

Determining Payments

All of the above factors influence how a jury determines payments. But there are a few other factors to consider. 

The jury will examine damages. They will look at the cost of medical bills and the victim’s lost income. They may add damages to personal property as well. 

A jury may decide to increase compensation to cover pain and suffering. Nearly all victims of accidents experience stress and anxiety. A small amount of money may go to the victim to reflect their duress. 

The clearer the monetary figures are, the more that they will influence the payment rates. If you are the victim, you should provide your medical bills and expense sheets. They may be the final piece the jury needs to award you money. 

Do You Need a  SC Slip and Fall Lawyer 

Determining responsibility for a slip and fall accident is difficult. First, an investigation into the accident must take place. Second, a jury must examine witness statements and documents. 

Liability law provides strong protections for victims. For example, if a building owner acted unreasonably, they would be held accountable for an accident. 

But South Carolina operates under comparative negligence. If the victim was responsible, a jury might decide against them. The jury will look at the damages and pain that the victim sustained. 

Looking for an Experienced Slip and Fall Lawyer in SC? We’re Here to Help

Call a personal injury lawyer in Columbia SC as soon as a slip or fall accident occurs. That way you can avoid making any mistakes that might keep you from getting all the compensation you deserve.

Contact us today for a free case review.  

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