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Johnsonville, SC, Truck Accident Lawyer
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    Johnsonville, SC, Truck Accident Lawyer

    Collisions with large trucks or eighteen-wheelers are arguably some of the most dangerous accidents on our roads and highways. In the event of such a highway disaster, you should talk to a lawyer about how you can get financial compensation.

    Truck accidents might happen on the roads and highways that crisscross Johnsonville and the neighboring towns within York County. Common causes might include but are not limited to, distractions behind the wheel, common traffic violations, and speeding. After a crash, call for help and reach out to an attorney for help. You might be entitled to financial compensation, and a lawyer can help you get everything you deserve. Insurance claims, lawsuits, and settlements might be necessary to cover your damages. These damages often involve steep economic costs like hospital bills and extensive property damage, along with more subjective losses like psychological distress and bodily pain. It is best to call an attorney immediately, as the deadline to submit your claims might be approaching faster than you realize.

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    How and Where Truck Crashes Can Happen in and Around Johnsonville, SC

    A truck collision can happen almost anywhere at any time, on busy highways, suburban streets, or rural backroads. You might be injured in a truck accident in downtown Johnsonville or a neighboring town like Newport, Fort Mill, or York. Numerous major highways connect these towns and cities, and our team of lawyers serves injured accident victims throughout York County.

    Distracted drivers are an increasingly common cause of truck accidents throughout York County and the rest of the country. Technology has made immense advancements in recent years. Now, trucks can sync with cell phones, tablets, and GPS devices. As such, drivers are more easily distracted and more likely to cause collisions. Tell your lawyer if you think the other driver might have been looking at their phone, fiddling with their GPS device, or otherwise not looking at the road.

    Normal traffic violations are very common and often cause accidents. Drivers make mistakes on the road all the time, including running lights, ignoring signs, or being generally reckless. For example, the other driver might have blown through a red light, crashing into you in an intersection. Perhaps they did something seemingly minor, like changing lanes without using their turn signal or checking their blindspots. Even small mistakes can cause big accidents.

    One of the most important factors in many truck accident cases is speed. In general, the faster a truck is moving, the worse the crash. A person’s odds of severe injuries increase as the truck increases speed. If the other driver was speeding, our truck accident lawyers can work with the police to get evidence of speed or even documentation like traffic citations or readings from speed radar devices if available.

    How a Lawyer Can Help You Get Fair Compensation After a Truck Accident in Johnsonville, SC

    Fair compensation should cover your damages related to the accident. Exactly what these damages are and how much compensation is necessary to cover them varies based on your specific situation. How you obtain compensation may also change. Insurance claims, lawsuits, and private settlements are just a few possibilities to talk about with your lawyer.

    Insurance Claims

    After a truck accident, the first thought after getting help is usually about insurance. All drivers must have insurance, and accident claims are perhaps one of the most commonly filed insurance claims out there.

    South Carolina is a fault-based insurance state. This means that injured drivers file third-party claims with the other driver’s insurance company. When filing the claim, you must prove to the insurance company how the other driver is at fault. Often, we can file claims through the truck driver’s insurance or the trucking company’s insurance. One of the most frustrating parts of the insurance process is that insurance companies are free to deny your claim if they do not believe their customer is to blame for the accident.

    If your claim is approved, compensation is limited by the terms of the insurance policy. If your damages exceed the policy limit, you must talk to your attorney about other ways of getting any remaining damages covered. This is why many injured drivers end up filing lawsuits.


    If insurance is unavailable or you have damages that exceed the policy limits, talk to a lawyer about suing the other driver for compensation. For those with high damages and severe injuries, a lawsuit might be the best way to obtain compensation for the full extent of your damages.

    Lawsuits may yield greater compensation because many damages that are typically unavailable through insurance claims may be claimed in a lawsuit. For example, you may claim extensive damages for non-economic injuries like pain and suffering, which are often excluded from insurance policies.


    While lawsuits can help plaintiffs get the compensation they deserve, they are known for being very time-consuming. In some cases, plaintiffs find themselves footing the bill for medical treatment or vehicle repairs while their legal claims are pending. If you need compensation faster or simply want to avoid the headache of a trial, talk to your attorney about working out a settlement agreement with the other driver.

    A settlement is like a shortcut to compensation through the judicial system. Settlements often involve some degree of compromise and negotiation. Often, plaintiffs accept a somewhat lower amount of compensation in exchange for dropping their case, but they tend to be compensated quicker. How much your settlement is worth depends on your case, the strength of your evidence, and the opposing party’s willingness to cooperate and negotiate. Larger truck companies often have greater financial resources so that a better settlement might be possible.

    Our Johnsonville, SC Truck Accident Attorneys Can Help

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