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Williamsburg Personal Injury Lawyer
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    Williamsburg Personal Injury Lawyer

    Personal injuries in Williamsburg are, unfortunately, typical. What is not common is the service our attorneys provide victims of personal injuries.

    Our firm has a deep understanding of the litigation process and can help devise strategies to get the damages you need. During our first meeting, we can usually tell if you have a legitimate case. With the information you provide in this initial consultation, we will investigate your claim further, including whom to file the claim against. We will also apply our experience to calculate the value of your claim. We will not only account for your monetary losses but also help evaluate your emotional and psychological harm so you are adequately compensated for all your damages.

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    How You Know You Have a Personal Injury Claim in Williamsburg

    If you are wondering whether you have a personal injury claim in Williamsburg, we can help. Our personal injury lawyers will assess your case to determine how your accident happened and where to place the blame. Sometimes, it is easy to tell when you have suffered a personal injury that should be compensated, like when a driver injures another person on the road. In other cases, it can be difficult to know whether the accident was your fault or another’s, such as when a product malfunctions.

    Negligence is at the root of most personal injury claims. If our team determines that another party is responsible for your injuries, we will help you file your claim. We will need to show that the defendant owed you a duty and failed in some way to live up to that responsibility. For instance, a doctor has a duty to provide adequate care to their patients. If they fail in a way that another doctor with similar experience and training would not have, they have breached their duty of care.

    Many victims sustain their injuries while on someone else’s property, usually in convenience stores and restaurants. In these cases, it can be challenging to figure out who should be sued. We will sort through the confusion to see if we should file a claim against the property owner, the manager, or an employee. In any case, our lawyers will be ready to get justice from the party that injured you.

    Investigating Your Personal Injury Case in Williamsburg

    Our attorneys will investigate every aspect of your accident to link the defendant’s negligence to your injuries. It is important to get your case started quickly so we can make the most of this time. If too much time passes, evidence disappears, witnesses forget important details, and even your memories of the event fade. By contacting our firm as soon as possible after your accident, we will have the best chance of preserving the important information you need to win your case.

    Our attorneys are skilled at reviewing accident reports, witness statements, and driving records to fully understand what occurred. We also know how to research complex medical records, so we understand the treatment you received and what it will take to make a full recovery. You need a firm that understands how to translate this information so you do not miss out on any of the compensation you deserve. If your injuries are complicated or your treatment is specialized, we can work with medical experts to explain this to the court.

    Our investigation does not stop with research and interviews. Our team often examines the scene for any evidence that could help prove fault. Other witnesses or surveillance footage could be useful and would have been overlooked without our inquiries. We will also collect photos and videos of the accident scene, which can be particularly impactful in premises liability cases.

    Calculating Your Williamsburg Personal Injury Case

    The aspect of a personal injury case most victims are concerned about is how their damages will be calculated. Of course, this is a vital aspect of any lawsuit. Our lawyers will assess the medical expenses you have paid and will need for future treatment. We will also see what income you have lost as part of your damages, including the loss of future earnings. We can also add any property damage you sustained to your economic losses.

    Where our team really helps is in evaluating your non-economic losses. These are commonly known as “pain and suffering” damages. This type of compensation is for harms that cannot be put into monetary figures. If your accident and living with your injuries have caused emotional distress or a loss in the enjoyment of life’s pleasures, you should be compensated for it in your claim.

    While there is no set formula for calculating the extent of your pain and suffering, our team has a few methods at our disposal. In some cases, we might use the multiplier method, where we multiply your economic damages by a number between 1.5 and 5 to get an estimate of what we should demand.

    In other cases, we will use the per diem approach. With this method, we will get an estimate by multiplying your daily income by the number of days you need to recover. For example, suppose your daily income is $200, and you took 180 days to reach maximum medical improvement. In this situation, we would demand $36,000 in pain and suffering in addition to your bills and lost income.

    Settling Your Personal Injury Claim in Williamsburg

    Our lawyers also understand that getting the compensation you need takes patience and persistence. Our goal is to settle your claim with the least amount of interference to your treatment. That is why we make every effort to settle your case without going to trial. However, we will not hesitate to argue your case in court if you do not get a settlement offer or you get one that does not cover all your expenses.

    The evidence in your case can sometimes speak for itself. If any evidence shows the other party clearly acting negligently, insurance companies have little to gain from going to trial. If a victim is working with an attorney, most insurance companies want to get the case done so no more time or money is spent.

    That does not mean they will not fight what are otherwise valid claims. Your claim could be denied even with convincing evidence. If our lawyers cannot persuade them to do what is right during settlement negotiations, we will hold them accountable in court.

    Our Williamsburg Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help Get Justice for Your Injuries

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